Saturday, July 26, 2014


Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  Everything is interesting to read about from novels, mysteries, biographies, whatever....even if a book is boring, I will usually finish it just because I have to know "the rest of the story"  Working at the thrift store, I've been buying some books lately.  Yesterday I found a book by Herman Wouk.  I believe he is still alive and will 100 years old next year.  I have read his two famous books "The Winds of War" and " War and Remembrance "  These books were also made into a miniseries which is excellent.  Yesterday I found the book "The Hope" about the beginning of Israel as a nation.  It's very interesting.  I'm very Pro-Israel for many reasons.  I don't have the "Christian" viewpoint that I have to endorsee everything that Israel does because they are God's "chosen people"  They've done  somethings wrong over the last 6000 years or so but I do believe that they are a nation set apart by God.  Obviously they are the only democracy in the Middle East and for that alone we should show them some support! 

Anyhow this book is so interesting, especially with the things going on in the Middle East like they are right now. 

I'm also reading a Victoria Holt book that is kind of a romance/mystery to take the tension out of the other book!  BTW I don't read books that are ungodly...just saying.....I know there are some doozys out there right now. 

Last night Selah did great.  She gagged once but handled the pedilite fine.  We are considering whether or not to give her the normal formula tonight.  It seems she just had a little tummy bug.

Steve is working today at Habitat for Humanity.  I went grocery shopping (finally!) and then Jon had to do a funeral.  It's been a busy Saturday around here.  I still got up and went walking this morning although after walking, exercising and working all day yesterday I actually had to take a hot bath last night and I'm not a bath person, I bet that is the first bath I've taken since we've lived here in over 8 years LOL  Don't worry I do take showers LOL!

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