Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still Alive!

We are still alive:)

Selah came home late on Friday night and she has done just wonderfully.  We are so thankful that she has had such an easy recovery period & we are grateful to our nurses for takings such good care of her!!!!!   Without a doubt we believe our nursing team, Aaron, Rose, Lexian and Kathy make the difference in Selah's life.   Selah is glad to be home, it's so obvious to see the difference in her when she is home.  She is much more relaxed and comfortable.

So the past 5 days have been one big adventure for us.....

First I'm a RED head LOL!  While I was in Tampa, I stayed with my close friend and her daughter gave me a rinse.  I don't have a good picture yet but I'll post....I did find one thing disturbing....I have GREY!  LOTS of grey and here I thought I was just blond!  There were places the rinse didn't take and I asked the lady who does my hair and she looked at it and said "yep it's grey"  I am in SHOCK!   So if I wasn't to color my hair, I'll have to use a permanent dye to so it.   This is in for just a few weeks then it'll be gone.  Not sure if I want a permanent change yet! 

Then our satellite went out....with no explanation.  We had someone come out and work on it but it's still not working.  I had left my laptop at my friends' house so I've come to the library to type this update so everyone would know we were ok!

THEN our A/C went our early Monday morning.  I woke up thinking I was in menopause and having a "hot spell"   When I checked the thermostat I realized it was NOT me!  So No A/C in July in Florida!!!!!!!   I was calling our A/C person at 6:30 am, they came out and the guy was so funny.  He acted like he was a doctor giving me a terminal diagnosis.  He was so sad to tell me the a/c was "gone"!  So they had to order us a new one.  As we speak (Tuesday noon) it is being put in and will be operational  soon!!!!

So Shad and the kids went outside to swing....and Sam threw up...so bad, everything....don't know if he got too hot or what but I called Jon home.  I can handle a Chinese adoption on my own and kids' surgeries and hospital stays BUT NOT throw up!!!!!!  

Steve went on a campout and luckily came home by noon.  What a day!!!!

(Sam is fine) 

So last night we had a camp out on the floor of our church!  

These pictures were from the afternoon, both kids fell asleep.  Sarah loved being in the church and was playing and playing by pulling up on the stage and finally got quiet and was sound asleep.  I moved her as soon as I took the pictures LOL

Sam slept like this for 2 hours.
Then for the campout....

Sarah right in the middle 


Jon is over in the corner


I woke up about 3 am....wet....for a second I thought I'd peed on myself...NOPE...SAM took care of that for me LOL.   He was sound asleep so I just wrapped him up and then I moved to the short couch in the office (God Bless the friends who gave us that couch!)   I wrapped up in a sleeping bag and went to sleep!  Our nurse had stayed with Selah in the house as it did cool down into the 70's inside and she tends not to be as bothered by the heat.  I didn't want to freak the nurse out by going back to the house at 3am! 
But at least we have learned to roll with the punches LOL! 
Here is our animal adventures from Monday!

Shad and our nurse had spotted a crawfish outside and it was "rescued"  






Shad had a good time with it and then let it go into the deep ditch that runs under our road, where there is always water.
Then he checked on the bird's eggs he had found in our shed a couple of weeks ago, they've hatched and seem to be doing good. 
So this was a quick update for you all.  Thanks for all the messages and emails.  Hopefully we'll get our internet fixed this week. 
Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers for Selah.  We are so relieved to have this surgery behind her and that she is doing so good. 

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