Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Surgery Went Great! and DON'T CALL ME MOM

Selah did great in surgery.  She did have some blood loss but there is a machine that collects and purifies the blood and returns it to the body.  They did that with her blood, isn't that the neatest thing?   The doctor said things went picture perfect & he doesn't anticipate any problems.  Her leg looks to be in a better angle already & the small bandage relieved me! 

Selah is resting comfortably in the ICU as a precaution tonight.  I'm so thrilled to have the surgery behind us.  Now I just ask you all to pray that she will recover quickly with the least amount of pain!

 You get a twofer......

I just HAVE to share my one of my absolute pet peeves....when nurses or medical people call me "MOM".  In fact on my FB page I shared "Why the H*** do nurses call me Mom?" (of course the H*** meant HECK!  Lord help me)   If you are a parent of an handicapped or chronically ill child you have encountered this countless times.  Maybe if you have "regular" kids who only go to the doctor for check ups and shots, it might not be so noticeable. 

In my "humble" opinion, I can NOT stand it and feel it is so disrespectful to call a parent of a child "mom or "dad" in a medical setting.  Jon and I both feel it is a way to put the parent in "their" place.  I have 5 kids, and have no need of some nurse calling me "mom".

For example, today in the waiting room, the nurse came to get me to take me back to recovery.  She asked the room for "Mrs Clanton"   I responded and we walked back.  Once we got back there, it was "mom this" and "mom that"   REALLY?  Did you just forget my name? 

There is no other profession  (except maybe public schools) that people do that to parents.  It is very demeaning to me.

I've begin asking nurses not to call me mom but to call me either Yvonne or Mrs. Clanton.  If I don't know a nurse or doctor's name I generally would call them "Sir" or Ma'am"  That is respectful. 

After 10 years this just grates on my nerves.  Ten years of people who work with my handicapped kids whether in a medical, therapy or school setting calling me Mom.....guess what I am not YOUR mom.  I am MOM to five wonderful kids but that is it! 

Mom is a sacred word and no one but my five have the right to use it in regards to me:)  If a professional wants respect from me, they should show me respect. 

So if you are reading this and you work in the medical profession, or therapy or as a teacher....PLEASE use the parent's names. 

Ok that is my rant for the day...MAYBE.....

Although I'm about to have to start another rant as her regular meds have not been sent up from pharmacy.  I took the time to pack all her meds so she wouldn't get off her schedule and sometimes they don't have the particular med....but they don't want me to use my meds.....

Truly the Death Penalty Law works as a deterrent.... as I am NOT in prison...  Nothing irritates  me more than incompetence!   I went over every single med with the person on the phone yesterday....then again this morning, then again in the ICU....gave them each a copy every time of her med list....been here for 9 hours and still have not seen one of her regular meds.....and ours' from home are here, packed in their travel pack....not being used..... (the reason they aren't being used is...they don't want to use meds from home- guess you can't trust them)

My close friend was here today and now she has taken Shad home with her, he went swimming with them and now they are out to eat at the Melting Pot.....what a treat for him.  He was a big help on the way over, he kept his eyes on her for me.  She had her heart/oxy on that shows her heart rate and oxygen level but he was able to make sure she didn't slump over in the seat or have any issues.  I appreciate how he and Steve help out with the little kids.  Thanks to my friend for giving him such a nice treat. 

Thanks for all your prayers for Selah....maybe you need to add me to the list LOL


  1. So glad to hear this good report on Selah! I hope she gets her meds before you end up in prison!!! LOL! And I hear you on the "mom" thing. It would be nice to be treated like an adult instead of being spoken down to! Hope you have a peaceful night and that Selah gets some really good rest....in spite of being in the noisy, busy, ICU!!

  2. So glad to hear her surgery went well! Praise God!

    Hope her meds got straightened out sooner than later. And you are right. While we've only had a couple surgeries here, I do remember the "Mom" thing. It bothered me too. But you are right, if you are only in for well-child visits, you don't notice it as much...but all day long it's gets old.

  3. So glad to hear Selah is doing so well. Thought about her all day yesterday and say a little prayer each time. Take care of yourself!! Hugs and prayers for all. Pam Clark Tallahassee

  4. So glad to hear Selah is doing so well. Thought about her all day yesterday and say a little prayer each time. Take care of yourself!! Hugs and prayers for all. Pam Clark Tallahassee

  5. Y - hope you are all ok as the week progresses! Wanted to share that another friend and I have had this same chat about being "talked down" to by being called "Mom" by medical staff. Have you ever asked them to stop? I'm thinking in the future about asking them to redirect to my name...wondering how that goes over??
    You all are in our thoughts and prayers for healing!!