Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

We've got our first tropical storm off the east coast of Florida.  I'm hoping for some good cooling rains as it is really hot for this time of year. 

My son is "helping" a friend housesit.  As you can imagine, all the bad 80's movies from the horror to the silly have gone through my mind.  Last night they had quite the experience while shopping at the Dollar Store for candy to take to the movie.  They got into a conversation with a couple of guys who asked them is they smoked.  My son stated that he and his buddy's voices both went an octave higher as they answered "Cigarettes?"   The guys were like "No man...weed"    They politely declined the offer....and we are still laughing about it!   Later the cops followed them back to the subdivision .....  they were leaving in separate cars and Steve's friend flashed his lights at him.  So Steve flicked his a couple of times (we have a bulb out)  Evidently the cop thought they were person's of interest.  However since Steve was driving my van with all the stick figures on it, the cop quit following them.  Good Times:)  He can't look too suspicious with a "mommy van"  and five kid figures on it!

Yes I'd like to go back to my teenaged years at times:)  Their adventures bring back memories LOL

Today I got my "time out" with my Tuesday friend (who happens to be the mom of the above young man)  We had some good laughs but were thankful that our kids know how to deal with things like what happened to them.  It got us talking about how it takes consistency when you are training your children. 

Jon & I are real with our kids.  We are not fake folks, and we are not perfect.  But we have strived to point them to what the bible teaches even if we don't always live up to that perfect standard.   We hope & pray we've given them a foundation to cling to as they grow up. 

After we ate today, we went to the health food store and I bought "ear candles" for Jon.  The first time my friend told me about the ear candles, I truly thought she was messing with me.  They are long, (about a foot) candles that you lite on one end and put the tiny end in your ear.  I kid you not! So since Jon has not been able to hear for days and was slow at going to the doctor I bought them.  However he decided to go to the doctor and get his ears cleaned professionally.  He called me and was not yelling anymore.  The ear wax/river/spring water had been so bad, when the doctor cleaned his ears, it made Jon nauseated (probably the doctor too)   He had to come home for a while and be still but he recovered, ate some leftovers and went back to work.  All I know is someone in the Clanton household is going to use an ear candle tonight, I want to try them out LOL!!! 

I also bought Sarah some cream for the rash.  I've tried everything that was suggested and then some and nothing has cured it. (thanks for the suggestions!)   The nurses' cream has helped it not get worse but it is no better.  I have a call into dermatology but still waiting on that.  She doesn't seem bothered by it thankfully.  So the cream I bought today was expensive, I'm sure it will work and I'll be stuck buying that from now on. 

Selah is not in the fish oil study anymore so she has not been receiving the oil.  So I went and bought some at the health food store.  I'm interested to see if there will be any changes in her with the oil since she has been off it for about 2 months.  We did a lot of changes in the past couple of months and she has not been as stable with her heart rate as she was before.  She has times when her heart rate shots up.  Her doctor "tweeked" the medicine before we left on vacation and it's been better but now we'll see if fish oil is what has been missing. 

I'm continuing on my quest to cook supper EVERY night this week.
Tonight was my standard beef stew.  I know it is too hot in Florida on July 1st to make beef stew but Sarah loves it so much.  I bought some small glass containers to freeze portions in for her to have instead of canned soups when I cook things she can't/doesn't like to eat.  
Beef stew is so good and it is easy to make, 20 minutes of work and you are done. 

So I figure if I post the suppers every night, I'll be accountable to cook:) 

Crock pot cooking is so easy - to make a beef stew....

green peas ( I don't like but the kids do LOL)

a package of beef cut up for stew

a package of Slow Roast seasoning

a carton of beef stock

About 2 cups of water to mix the seasoning in and to cover the food


Add as much of the vegetables as you need, for us, I used a whole 3lb bag of potatoes and a bag of carrots, 3 celery stacks and a half of an onion. 

cook on high for 6 hours, then low for 2 hours....

Eat and enjoy:)

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  1. Sorry if this is a repeat. My 5 year old recently had a Candidal Skin Rash on his bottom. I was given Nystatin ointment for it and it started clearing up within the first application. It is a perscription only, wondering if you could just take her to the pediatrician? Hope it starts to clear up soon.