Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Again!

There is so much going on in the world, so much in my mind that I almost wouldn't know where to start.  From Ukraine vs. Russia , to Israel vs. Hamas, Syria, Iran, Iraq, North many sad stories.  Then within the USA, we have this border problem, the mid term elections, all the attempts to take away our freedoms, so much craziness!  Then when I bring my mind closer to home, all the needs that my friends, church members, and family have.....Life can be overwhelming! 

This morning I woke early and laid awake, my mind thinking over the things I have to do today and thinking about the various problems in the world from the international to the personal problems.  Life is not easy!  I'm so thankful for having God in my life, I know whatever happens, God is still in control. 

With today's totals I have walked over 18 miles in the past week and a half at our local hospital's cardiac track.  I told my friends I hope that we don't hear in a few years that walking is bad for your health LOL!  It's good to get back in the groove of daily exercise.  It's a killer but it does help me get rid of stress. 

The diet continues, I have not weighed myself.....

When I walk daily, the annoying pain in my right side that I've had now for 6 years, goes away for the most part.  It is ironic but true.  Plus I feel looser all over and that is good. 

So this is throw back Thursday..... this pictures just crack me up.  
But I love this picture with my best childhood friend:)  And that was my favorite dress for years.  I used to dress up all the time not so much so.  A couple of years ago Shad asked me what was on my legs.  I was wearing pantyhose.  He had never seen such a thing LOL  It doesn't happen much anymore that is for sure!



OH MY GOSH!  We were taking "glamour shots" and the guy told me to think of a boy I liked.  Not sure who I thought of but this picture just cracks me up!

this was my first car.  We called it the "Roach Car"  Why?  Well it did not have an air-conditioner and the windows stayed down most of the time...I found a few roaches in it at times LOL

I loved this outfit, can we say 1985 at its worst????  I think  we were going to Homecoming with some guys at our high school.  We'd already graduated but I came home from college to go with my "home town guy" and ended up going with another guy....   Oh the dating tales we have.....





My girls...we're all still friends:)

I love looking at pictures from the past, although we all looked so young and had no idea the curves LIFE would throw us.....  Glad we didn't know the future so we could enjoy the present!  Just as we didn't know what our futures held back then, both good and bad, none of us know what lies ahead for us now.  One thing everyone in the above pictures have in common, they are trust God to bring them through whatever situation comes there way. 
Here's a picture from the on our road, a road widening project as well as they are adding a "pull over" to our parking lot.  It should make it easier for folks to park. 

Thanks for the orders for Pampered Chef!  You can join the party:)  

Tonight I'm going with Steve to register for his college classes and to look into what kind of scholarships/grants he'll be getting.  We've applied already and have an idea but we'll have it all figured out tonight:)

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