Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1,000th post

Oh my this is the 1,000th post I've written.  that in itself is a little scary!  This post should be deep but I'm not sure that is going to happen but we will see LOL  Most days I come to blog and I really don't know what I'm going to say.  Oh I could blog up a storm about 3 am when I wake up with my mind just running.....you don't know the amount of blogs you have missed out on that I am have written in the middle of the night.  LUCKY YOU LOL!!!!

Well first the personal news, I'm OFF the H pylori meds!  My tongue started peeling off in strips and my lips went numb.  Yesterday I was a mess, even our nurse took my blood pressure since I looked so bad. The doctor feels like since I've done 8 days I should be ok but I'll be retested in few weeks.  The meds are so strong they just knocked me for a loop!

This morning I went to meet a friend for breakfast and a wasp got stuck in my hair!  Thankfully the restaurant manager was able to beat it off of me.  LOL  It is a very good thing I am not too self conscious as that was quite the spectacle!   I'm quite allergic to wasps so I'd probably have had really numb lips if I had gotten stung!

Everyone is doing fine around here.  School starts next week for Steve and Shad.  Steve goes to buy his books on Friday.  Shad will have the same teacher as he did last year for which I am so grateful.  Shad is a good kid, but he needs a really strong hand and she is the one for him!  We work together good.  The little ones' schedule has increased as they all have more services starting this week.   It keeps us busy!

Well on this 1000th blog.....what's going on in my mind?

The Riots in Ferguson MO are one thing I'm thinking of.....   Sad that people would use an incident to cause problems for so many in the community.  Terrible that the police officer is not being supported by his department-if he was criminally wrong, then charge him if not support him.  From what I am seeing/reading there is plenty of evidence that backs up the officer's story.  I believe IF there were evidence to charge the officer, he would have been charged by now.  It's also ridiculous that  order can not be restored in that town!  There is no clear voice taking authority in the situation.  Rules change from day to day.  I have never heard of such foolishness.  Set a curfew, and arrest anyone that is out after curfew....  But this going back and to, trying so hard to be everyone's friend....reminds me of a parent who can't control an unruly child and tries to placate the child.  Guess what?  It does NOT work!   And what the heck is the president doing getting involved????  Is that not a clear overstep of authority???

This is the bottom line with what I think about RACE....  LET IT GO!
The folks who seem to be so focused on RACE are the ones stirring up things.  Ok things were crappy in the past for different races.  Let the past go!  When I look at a person or a situation, I don't think of it in RACE terms.  Would this shooting had been different if the young man was white or if the cop was black?  Of course it would have been different and that is stupid.  We would have never heard about it.  Things happen all the time but you never hear of because it does not meet certain standards.   Do I think there is any evidence the cop shot this guy just because the guy was black?  No- the guy had just robbed a store and had drugs in his system.  It sounds as if he was very aggressive and since he was so aggressive only minutes before in a store, common sense would make me think the young man was still being aggressive.    If that is not the case and the cop acted with malice, then deal with the cop!  Let the law put him away.  But why burn down business of good people in the community?????  OMG!  I do not understand that mentality at all!!!!  

Ok.....  y'all want to tackle anything else?

If someone came here ILLEGALLY send them back.....  (that was simple)   Problem today, we listen to too much.

Israel/Gaza- support Israel

ISIS- destroy them

Support Ukraine

Robin Williams/ sad but personal responsibility  is still involved.   Circumstances in life can be awful and yet some people cling to life.  Personally I believe when I was depressed- diagnosed as clinically depressed and bulimic (two different occasions) I was totally self centered.  When I got my eyes off of ME and my sad circumstances, change came.   Does that mean I think anyone who commits suicide is an awful person?  Of course not, but I think we have come so far as we are starting to glamourize depression and suicide and that is not healthy!   Don't condemn someone for being depressed, support, get them help, be their friend but the person has a responsibility also.  Depression/Circumstances  may not be a choice, BUT a person has a choice of how they chose to deal with it.  For the record, I am ONLY talking about depression, not PTSD, bi-polar, or any other diagnosis. 

Life can suck....I've had a sad life since the day I was born.  I've dealt with all kinds of tragedies, and disappointments so based on the circumstances of my life I could chose to focus on the harsh realities and I have at times.  I think I have my PH.d  in sadness.   But I make a choice DAILY to not go to the dark side.  For me, I put my focus on God and eternal truths.  That is what gets me through life.  AND as Christians, the bible tells us to "weep with those who weep"  so we have a responsibility to our friends and family who may struggle with depression.   If you know of someone who is struggling, be there for them!!!!

So now that I've managed to tick everyone off.......

we heard this on the news today
two children in a stroller, both seemed to be ok.    Looking at the scene my husband said the difference was that there was a earthen bank where they could pull them out.  In our situation, there were only concrete walls, no way to do anything but tread water till help could come.   Thankful that this family can be rejoicing today that all is well. 

So lots of things on my mind.  Some you may not have wanted to hear.....

It's crazy to me that I've written 1000 blog posts and have had close to 2 million readers....   Thank you all for your readership (is that a word?)  Your support, prayers and messages.    If you have read all 1000 posts, there is probably some medicine you can take for it....... 


  1. Even in your 1,000th post, your 'marriage' of observation/opinion and humor/insight shines. Thanks for living your real life as a Christ-follower, complete with bumps, bruises, 'howlings', joys, opinions in a way that many can relate to and take courage from. I don't look at you as a 'pastor's wife' or as a mom of special needs kids or as any other 'label'--although you may very well be all or some of those things. Instead, I look at you as a fellow traveler along this 'path of righteousness' that has so many unexpected turns and twists, some of which I share, others of which I watch, observe, and pray for you in. So glad the Righteous One has gone before us on this path--even though we can't always see Him--for there is no other way to travel that leads to life, even though we might grumble and complain along the way (Just being real...I know you understand!) Blessings to you, friend! Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you in the very near future with your housing excitement and all that will entail.

  2. Racism is alive and well in the United States whether we like it or not. If you ever watch "What Would You Do", you will see it again and again and again, every time. And that is just one example. It cannot be ignored.

  3. (Not sure how this works, but it shows as anonymous, so I have put my name at the bottom of the post.)
    I feel I must reply to your comments about depression. There are many types of diagnosed depression and some other states of mind confused with depression. I don't know anything about Robin Williams specific illness, but often comics do suffer from major depression.
    In major depression episodes one cannot just "pull themselves up by the bootstraps."
    For many years I kept my condition quiet, very few people knew, but recently I have felt compelled to speak out. I know there is still a stigma attached to depression and I've found it to be very prevalent in the religious community. In my case there is a chemical imbalance in my brain. It isn't as simple as being less self centered. Major depression is a mental illness, just as PTSD, bi-polar and schizophrenia. If you don't expect them to "deal with it" you shouldn't expect those with major depression to either.
    A tough life isn't a required precursor to major depression, neither are major grief events. Just as the pancreas of a diabetic doesn't produce enough insulin, some brains don't produce the proper chemicals in the proper amounts.
    Major depression needs to be more understood (not glorified or glamorized) and accepted as the illness it really is.
    Kathy Boyd

    1. Thanks for a very well worded response. I wanted to say something, but couldn't put the words together. I don't personally suffer depression, nor do I know anyway who does, but I do have family members who suffer other mental illness, and I understand how hurtful it can be when their disorders are misunderstood.

      There is definitely a distinction between the acute depression that comes from grief or a tough life, and true chronic medical depression. The latter is a medical condition, and those that really suffer from it are no more able to just "stop being self-centered" and "pull themselves out of it" than someone with bi-polar is able to just stop being bi-polar. Depression has the stigma it does because the general public doesn't see the difference between the two. It doesn't need to be glorified or glamorized, but it DOES need to be better understood. A public perception that people who suffer mental illness (be it depression or bi-polar or severe anxiety disorders or whatever) need to "get over it" or "deal with it" or "stop being self-centered", does nothing but cause shame and embarrassment to those who suffer from these very real diseases but are unable to just pull themselves out of it. No, it doesn't need to be glorified or glamorized, but it does need to be widely recognized as the medical condition it is so the the stigma is removed and people who suffer the disease don't have to suffer in silence (or suffer the perceived shame of seeking outside treatment).

  4. I disagree. I think most people with depression and some even with other disorders have SOME control of their actions. I believe in going to get help for any type of mental health issue and I have but a person has some responsibility. I feel there are very few cases where a person has no control over their mental health, And I will take it a step further and say that many people with physical health issues have some responsibility in their physical health. Sure a person may get to a point that they can not do anything about their physical issues but often it is a behavior that brings on many physical problems....for example Diabetes.