Saturday, August 16, 2014

God is STILL faithful

Yesterday was TWO years since the accident.  It was a hard day, not as hard as last year but still very sad for me.  I noticed the time as I was eating lunch at Habitat for Humanity and tears welled up.  I still remember the moment two years ago that I became aware something was wrong....12:10 pm.

 I was sitting in the dining area of Ronald McD House, we'd eaten pizza with our friends and were waiting for them to come to the lobby with their luggage and for Jon to get back from his walk.  Shad had gone back outside to the Lemonade Stand to raise money for RMH, Steve had gone to the tv room with Sarah and I was reading the newspaper. 

In the newspaper there was an obituary for a little 4 year old boy who had drown over the weekend.  Sitting there I said a prayer for the family who was having his funeral that day.  Then someone walked in and said there were a ton of emergency vehicles down at the end of the street.  I looked at the clock and remarked that Jon & the little ones should have been back by now.....

Little did I know as I was praying for that little boy's family, my own family was already involved in a tragedy.

Since there was so much traffic on Westmoreland Dr, I went outside to check on Shad, not wanting him to be too close to the street.  We also had a radio station there, LIVE for the Lemonade Stand, lots of commotion going on.  As I looked down the street at the dozens of emergency vehicles,  something inside of me said "GO" and I began running down the road in spite of having just had a foot surgery the week before......   the rest is history, horrible moments that I will never forget.....

Somehow in that way a mother feels, I just knew that the emergency vehicles were there for my family....

So now two years have passed since that day......

The one thing I can stand on is that God is so a good God.  He is near to the broken hearted, He is a very present Help in time of trouble.  Those are not trite Christian sayings, they are things I have experienced first hand.  If you read nothing else on this blog that I have ever written (by the way this is the 998th blog post on here)   Know this God is who the Bible says He is.   I've tested Him and know it to be true. 

Maybe you don't understand this, maybe you've had hard times when it seemed like God was a million miles away and you've gotten angry at Him but know He is near, He doesn't promise us in the bible to deliver us from every problem (despite the many silly claims that you hear from misguided people who put silly slogans on FB) but He will walk with us through the hard times. 

Through all of this I've prayed that God would keep my heart and He has.  I've made choices to trust God and I've made choices to not give into despair and hopelessness by reminding myself that this life is not all there is, this is not the End.  

I encourage you to turn to God with whatever you are going through.  God is not a genie in the bottle who will give you every wish, that is not His character but He will give you strength if you turn to Him. 

He is a God that will walk with you through this life and lead you into eternity if you chose to walk with Him. 


  1. My prayers are with sweet Selah( and you too). I know it must be hard seeing her go through all she has been through but she was meant to be your daughter. She is wanted, loved, and cared for now. She had nothing before. Not even a family of her own, now she does. Stay strong! :)

  2. Thank you for this, it is just the reminder I needed on a tough day for me too.
    Sorry it has been a difficult time for you.