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The WELL challenge - A WELL for our birthday!

Well I'm the kind of friend who will help you spend your money but instead of clothes, eating out or going places, I can help you find wonderful projects to give to......

One that is dear to my heart is Life2Orphans!   They provided care for both our girls while they were in Torez Mental Institution.   I do not know if my girls, especially Sarah would have lived had it not been for L2O.

https://www.facebook.com/Life2Orphans  This is their facebook page.  If you look at the cover picture I know all three of those girls.  The one of the left is still there....we played with her almost every day.

This is what L2O wrote.......



$5,000.00 NEEDED

Bless these orphans with your love and PLEASE DONATE http://life2orphans.net/make-a-monetary-donation.html

Please write in Druzhkovka (DRUZ) Fund (we are always thankful for recurring donations).

We all know what is going on in Ukraine. It’s a scary, scary situation. People are terrified and panicked, running from their homes.

Now, can you imagine trying to move 145 children out of their home? Many of whom are special needs? Some of whom are Bedridden? Along with caregivers? Me either, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Donetsk
The kids from the Shakhtyorskiy orphanage had to evacuate. They had to leave because the fighting in Donetsk was too dangerous.

Many of these Bedridden Orphans came from the Torez orphanage. A few weeks ago the Torez orphanage was bombed. Blessedly, none of the children and adult orphans with special needs who live there were hurt (although, a few of the caregivers were). They did survive, though, Thank God!

But war does not know boundaries, and there are a lot of people in a lot of trouble. I received this e-mail from Life2Orphans: STATE OF EMERGENCY AT THE DRUZHKOVKA ORPHANAGE, DONETSK, UKRAINE, Druzhkovka orphanage is now overwhelmed with 375 orphans in an orphanage that did house ONLY 230. The Shakhtyorskiy orphanage had to leave the area of fighting and evacuate their 145 orphans and caregivers to the Druzhkovka orphanage. They are now bursting at the seams and need our help immediately!!

After transferring the orphans from Shakhtyorskiy the children are now sleeping on the floors on mattresses side by side. They had no additional beds, but they have found enough mattresses for all the orphans. The caregivers are sleeping wherever they can in the orphanage.

Please note these are the former Bedridden boys and girls from Torez, and they are now together at Druzhkovka. So happy to say, The Individual Orphan Caregivers are still with their children.


Water – The water delivery system for several cities in the Donetsk Region has been damaged by war activity. They are having difficulties with their water/well and they need to have clean water. It is an expensive project because the water is in an area that is deep into the soil. Druzhkovka has a need for $2,000.00 to be used for digging, materials and costs of fixing their well.

Sanitary - Washing Powder, Toilet Paper and Cleaning Sponges

Hygiene - Toothpaste/Toothbrushes, Brushes, Potties, Hand and Body Soap, Bath Sponges

Food - Oats, Vegetables, Meat, Fruits, Juice, Flour, Oil, Canned Meat/ Beef, Macaroni, Rice – If you would like to choose the food -DONATE FOOD

Formula - Formula, Specialized Formula - Peptamen and Clinutren, Baby Cereals, Fruits and Vegetables


Sanitary Napkins

We have estimated a cost of $5,000.00 to help the situation at Druzhkovka. $2,000.00 is for the well and the other $3,000.00 is for formula, food, sanitary needs, hygiene, diapers and other related items.

No one can deny these children and caregivers are desperate! Water, Food, just the necessities of life is needed to help them survive this crisis.

Bless these orphans with your love and PLEASE DONATE

Please write in Druzhkovka (DRUZ) Fund (we are always thankful for recurring donations).


Thank You from the Chief Lyudmilla and Deputy Chief Olga of the Druzhkovka orphanage! And another huge Thank You from Chief of Shakhtyorskiy, Natalia for this emergency aid for the orphans of both of their orphanages!!!
So to explain to you, after we adopted the girls from Torez, all the kids under 16 were transferred. The boys went to  Shakytorskiy and  the girls went to Druzhhkovka  and  now the boys also have been transferred and they are all together at Druzhkovka.
The older girls (16-90 years old) were transferred out of Torez a few weeks ago when it was shelled and are now in Slavyansk.  Life 2 Orphans has yet to hear from them.  Please pray!
So let me tell you what Shad and I want for our Birthday (Sept 18th)
A WELL!!!!!

I would be thrilled to raise $2000 for this project.  You can give through their link
 http://life2orphans.net/make-a-monetary-donation.html please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)
Or you can send a check to:

Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund
If you send through their website, will you just drop me a line and let me know?  I'd love to know that we all together gave enough to build a well. 
Water is sacred in Ukraine.  Mostly you can only get it an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.  Our apartment had a water tank and we were in town so it was a bit better but if we hadn't had the tank, we would have only had water for 2 hours a day!  AND that was NOT when there was a war going on!!!!!!!!!
Near the orphanage, they only could get water by the water truck!  Can you imagine????
We have a hand well in our yard.  Since we are on a well system (ran by electricity) I was worried if the electricity was off for any amount of time we'd need water so we had it installed years ago.  Water is so important!!!!

This is a recent picture of some of the sweet little girls.  Sarah and Selah would be there now facing shortages if we hadn't adopted them.  PLEASE help out if you can!  The little girl we sponser is living there as well as the boy and girl we had hoped to adopt.....so our heart is there with them!
here's a link to pictures of Doneskt taken recently, shows the killing of innocents
this shows the POWs paraded through Doneskt on the very street/park we ate lunch at....so very sad!!!
Today I took Sarah to the specialist for her orthopedic problems.  I was determined to bring her walker so he could see how she walks with it.  As you can see "if there is a will, there is a way"  LOL  It was quite the undertaking but me and her "got it done"
So the doctor was great, really kind.  He wants us to try and ankle brace but is not sure if that will help her.  She only has mild CP when examined but she puts her limbs in various odd poises at times.  It's hard to explain and must go back to not being up and weight bearing much on her legs.  He was conservative about thinking of surgery which is good because I didn't think it would help much from what I read and he agreed with me. 
You can laugh at the pictures but I was by myself with a non walker and we had to figure out how to get everything in!  There was NO way I was going to try and get her to walk in, we'd still be there, she is quite slow!
I thought this was ingenious!  LOL
good thing her walker has a steering handle for ME!

My sweet Sarah Joy

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