Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to the Future and Puree Foods

Have you ever heard of the book "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld?  I've had it for years and used it some.  It's a cookbook that uses vegetable and fruit puree as part of recipes to ensure the family gets more veggies & fruits.  There was a time when I added puree` to most of our meals but it does take more time and I'd gotten away from it.

Well this morning I began working on those purees!  I steamed carrots, cauliflower and green peas, then pureed all of them (separately) and put them in baggies to freeze.  Then I scooped out an avocado and some previously cooked sweet potatoes and pureed them and froze them.  Then I made a big salad and cut up some tomatoes to put separate.  I also chopped up an onion to have ready to add to anything I need to.  I also have green pepper and celery chopped up.  It seems easier to do it all at once and then be ready for the week.

this is what they look like.  Then they are frozen and I use one bag at all time.  All are 1/2 cup sizes. 

the apples cooking.  They will get pureed in the mixer and be ready for Sarah!

Then I cut and scooped out a watermelon, washed grapes and cut up apples and put them in the crock pot for homemade applesauce. 

So we are set for purees and fresh veggies/fruits all week.  I've found if things are ready to eat, kids will tend to eat them much better than if they have to do it themselves!!!   I'm TIRED!

It's a great book, I think there is actually two of them by Jessica Seinfeld (yes Jerry's wife)  It can really help if you have picky eaters (or if YOU are a picky eater!  LOL  like me!)  

Tonight I'm making Shrimp Jambalaya, one of the easiest and most loved meals in our home!

 Recently I've discovered organic pureed baby/toddler food for Sarah.  Some times what we eat for a meal just will not puree, like a sandwich or even tonight's meal so these food packets are great for nights like that!   I love the organic ingredients and the fact we can take them with us and just squeeze the meal out into a bowl.  Yesterday at the grocery store I got a bit carried away and bought about $50 of them!!  But it is so nice for me, when we go places, it is a constant concern if they will have food that I can feed her.  This discovery has made me really happy!  Makes life easier for me!!  And she loves them!!   They have a great taste, cuz you know I had to try them!!   She really loves the fruit ones, all kinds of different flavors.


I shared all the above since that's been the focus of my day but I'm thinking about something altogether different.

We've been watching the movie trilogy of "Back to the Future"  We've seen I and II and I guess we will finish up with III tonight.   Of course I watched it some years ago BUT not in the theater cause I was in Bible college in 1985 and we were not allowed to go to movies!   So I must have seen it on video.  One thing I didn't remember was all the unnecessary cussing!!!

But it took us back in time to the 80's.  What a decade for me, I graduated from high school and from college and got married.....  I love the hair, the clothes style, the WHITE Nikes with the colored symbol, the music.....the 80's were great! 

So the movie made me think of time travel.  What if it were actually possible???  Of course I know it's not but IF I could go back to 1985 I'd tell my 20 year old self some things!!!

I'd tell myself to first of all TRUST God more, have more fun, relax a little, ( I was a pretty up tight young person-really busy working, going to school, being in ministry)   I'd also tell myself to leave a few guys the HECK alone.....that would have solved some problems for me BIG times LOL!!!!! 

AND I would have told my younger self to TALK to that cute guy that I'd meet in a class in 1986 instead of giving him the cold shoulder!!!!   Then we might would have been married THREE years sooner!!!!!  And we both would miss out on some heartaches!

I'd have so much advice and I'd have a whole list of things for myself to avoid....if I could go "back to the future"

But we can't go back......

We are only 11 days from our two year anniversary of the accident.  Oh if I could only go back to about 10:30 am that day.  Instead of Jon and the little ones going walking, I'd just ask him to stay with me.  If I hadn't had foot surgery the Thursday before, we would have probably gone to Letchworth State Park where we usually go when we are up in Rochester.  If only I'd put off the foot surgery till AFTER our trip but I did it before because school was starting the Monday after we got back.  (the accident happened on Wednesday, we had expected to leave NY on Thursday after meeting with the doctor, we would have been home Saturday and School was starting on that Monday) 

Anyhow this year is easier than last but it hurts.  This year I can truly say despite everything that has happened, I'm so relieved my girls are with us.  The orphans are getting bombed, shot at and going without.  Our little girls are safe and well taken care of.   Every need is met for them.  I read somewhere where some troll who of course didn't have the balls to put his/her name mocked me for thinking Selah was better off with her since "we let the accident happen"   But I know Selah and Sarah are better off with us than in an orphanage  being bombed.   

Anyway....just some thoughts I am having. 

Please continue to keep the Musser family in your prayers. 

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