Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bomb Them To Hell!

With all the news out of Iraq, how can the United States NOT act and act strongly & decisive with the Terrorist group ISIS?  This is a group that not only targets Christian and other non Muslims but even targets Muslims!  It's so bad that al-Qaeda cut all ties with the group, reportedly for its brutality and "notorious intractability".  OMG al-Qaeda doesn't want to be associated with them-that should tell us something.  Of course that could be the "pot calling the kettle black" so to speak!

They were started by and supported by a variety of Sunni insurgent groups.  The Sunnis and the Shiites/Shias have fought in Iraq for years.  In fact the beginnings of this particular group goes back to around 2004 when small Sunni groups merged.  "ISIS follows an extreme anti-Western interpretation of Islam, promotes religious violence and regards those who do not agree with its interpretations as infidels and apostates"   Their first goal seems to be the purification of all Muslim countries BEFFORE they can actually undertake  jihad and go after the rest of the world.  For example  ISIS  "regards the Palestinian Sunni group Hamas as apostates who have no legitimate authority to lead jihad, it regards fighting Hamas as the first step toward confrontation with Israel." 

Steve asked us to explain all this to him and the closest way I could was to say that there are all kinds of Muslims just like there are all kinds of Christians. In the Christian faith, there are different denominations but most believe the basic elements of Christianity like Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died an atoning death, was raised from the dead the 3rd day, ascended to the Father and is coming back.  Ok the Pentecostals, Baptist, Methodists, Presbyterian, Most Independent churches, all Evangelicals, etc have that as a base.  BUT then the Methodist believe in Free Will while the Presbyterians believe in pre destination.....  The Pentecostals believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit is for today but most Baptist believe they ceased when the last Apostle died.  Most everyone thinks that everyone else is still a Christian even if they don't agree completely with each other doctrinally.  They just figure they are right and the others are wrong!

The DIFFERENCE is we don't kill each other over the differences!!!!

While the radical Muslims kill other Muslims in their quest to be the "right ones" 

So what is the answer for this problem?

So many people are worried about "winning the hearts" of the radical Muslims.....OMG that is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one!  It's almost comical if there was not so much at stake!

Listen think about to WW II.  The Japanese were in a war that they believed in 100%.    There was no "winning their hearts"  They were committed to fight to the death men, women, children.  Our president had to make a decision to drop an atomic bomb on them to prevent many million American deaths that would have occurred if they would have had to fight on the mainland of Japan.   It took TWO atomic bombs before they would concede to the end of the war.   THEN after that massive show of force, Japan did change.  They were a defeated nation that grew into a strong nation.  Now we can not really understand how our grandparents and most of the Eastern world were so afraid of the Japanese.  Little Japan was a HUGE threat to BIG China.  Today can you imagine Japan being a threat to China?  The war and their defeat changed Japan in a huge way.  It brought stability to that area of the world as far as the Japanese menace was concerned.   ( Interesting fact the area of China that Shad is from had heavy fighting during WW II between the Chinese and the Japanese) 

Now I am not saying to send an atomic bomb but I hope that the USA and our president will have the backbone to do what needs to be done.  ISIS even has said one day they will hang their flag from the White House.  Now you may think that is a lot of talk but if you look at what they have done in just the past year and how much money has poured into their organization you will see that it is their goal to take over the world. 

That was Hitler's goal too and he started small in a devastated  country and by working together with Japan and Italy, he came close to his goal.

This world is like a ticking bomb right now.  Between Russia and Radical Muslims,  America and the rest of the world is facing a time where we better stand strong! 

One of the videos I saw on TV a few months ago when ISIS was first really starting to try and take over Iraq was two Muslims men who were truckers were stopped by ISIS.  They could not recite the Muslim prayers like the Sunni group so they were taken to the side of the road and shot.  It was unreal how even the other Muslim groups were targeted.  No mercy shown.

Now with all the horrible reports of the Christians being killed, children and women being beheaded...obviously they are shown no mercy by ISIS so I say let's show ISIS NO mercy and bomb them!!!

From what I'm understanding on the news, the limited air strikes are in rather isolated areas I say the USA go in and bomb them to hell.  There is too much restraint being shown by this White House and if this menace can be stopped now, maybe we won't have to deal with it in 10 years on the White House lawn!!!!  

just my opinion......

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Thank you!!!


  1. "The DIFFERENCE is we don't kill each other over the differences!!!!"

    Ummm, perhaps you are unaware of the Troubles in Northern Ireland? The Catholic vs Protestant divide that killed thousands upon thousands? The fact that Belfast still pretty much goes up in flames every single Orangeman's Day?

    Maybe you were sick the day the Crusades were covered in your high school history class?

    1. I was referring to Christianity in the US & trying to explain in a simple way to the kids.

  2. Also I do not feel that either thing you mentioned was done by Christians who were really serving God.

  3. Good post! Thank you! Children are being beheaded, fathers hung, women raped and worse, groups of people buried alive, these are sad times. I made the mistake of googling beheading and saw for myself the horrors.