Monday, August 11, 2014

Giving & 160 pills!

Here is how you can give to Iraqi Christian refugees
This is a secure site ran by the Assemblies of God.  Our church gave $400 yesterday and I sent it in today.  I'm telling you that because it is a secure site that I trust. 
Go to the site
select "46" in the pulldown related to "class,"
 type "Christian Refugee Assistance" in the Comments section.

this is what our personal friend who works in the region wrote...

Hello Friends...Many of you have been following and praying for God to intervene in the terrible situation in Iraq related to the Christian refugees who have been driven from their homes. We have 200 of these refugees living in one of our churches just outside the northern Iraqi city of Irbil. The church is housing and feeding them. Many of you have also asked how you can give to help meet the ...needs of these suffering refugees.

So if you are praying and concerned, this is a way you can help.  One thing I do love about the Assembly of God is that when money comes in for projects such as this 100% goes towards the need.  So please help, even if it is $5...everything helps!!!!


Yesterday after church we went and visited the property!

the land is cleared



Steve standing somewhere near where his room will be LOL


ok the black pantyhose seemed like a good idea at the time and maybe looked better when I had the black jacket on but......YIKES that looks awful!!!  LOL  

Then later the boys and I went to a friends house.  This is the scene we saw as we were leaving.  Just beautiful, the picture snapped with my phone does not do it justice at all! 

Yesterday I finally started treatment for the H Pylori bugs I picked up in Ukraine. Jon and I both tested positive a few months ago & he took meds like a good boy. Me on the other hand called the doc when I realized how many pills were involved and begged for a shot or an IV LOL. Since there were  neither, I kept putting it off as I have a hard time swallowing monster pills AND have issues with taking antibodics, I generally have a reaction to them. So I'm now taking 160 pills over the next 10 days. Yesterday I got violently ill for about an hour after the first dose but since then just a vague feeling of nausea. I made it through this morning and now I'm dreading the lunch dose! 

This morning I only got in a little more than a mile before the rain hit.  As soon as I got on the road and could really see the skyline (cuz around my house you can only see trees and right above us) I realized I might not get my 2.5 miles in.  I went ahead and hit the "hill" and did some jogging to even get in the one mile.  But it was beautiful out if I hadn't been worrying about lightening!!!!  

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!!!!


  1. Keep swallowing those pills, soon you will be done with them!!

    It is fun to see how excited you all are about the new house,, I am excited for you and look forward to every detail when it comes to building it! Will Steve finally have his own room? I am hoping so! Shad also, they have gone above and beyond! Blessings!

  2. Can't wait to see the progress on the house! Thank you for the info for giving to help the refugees. I learned a pill swallowing trick many many years ago. If you put the water in your mouth first and tip your head back, drop the pills in and they go right down! I taught my 5 year old daughter, who was on many meds for kidney and liver disease, to do it that way and the nurses were always amazed at how well she could take pills! (((HUGS)))!