Saturday, August 9, 2014

Iraqi Christians

Listening to the news today is so very hard as we hear the reports coming out of Iraqi of the vicious killing of Christians and other minorities.   We had been hearing some reports from friends who work in that area of the world, for some time.  Now mainstream media is reporting and our government is showing some action but not enough in my opinion.  Some friends of ours are involved in humanitarian work and are reaching out to the refugees.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have some info on how you can be a part of helping these Iraqi Christians. 

The bible teaches us to "weep with those who weep" and also to regard those who are in prison for the gospel's sake as if it were happening to us!  We have to remember this as various trials happen to  Christians and others around the world.  We are living in some very dark times indeed.  We need to stand with others who are in a situation that we have never been in.  Who knows if there might not come a time when we in America face persecution?  Kudos to France for offering them shelter, I hope our country will open its borders for people who are facing real persecution. 

Please pray and think about what you can give to help these in need!  Our church will be taking up an offering tomorrow morning to help the Iraqis who are now refugees!!   We can not always go to a place to help someone in need but we can pray and we can give.  I believe strongly in doing that and this past year has been a year where there have been opportunities to do that. 


Jon and I have had a quiet day at home with the little ones while Steve & Shad are working at Habitat for Humanity. Never before today have I called there for Steve but I had a question for one of the other workers.  So I called and pretended to be a difficult customer.  Steve handed the phone off to another worker LOL  I couldn't believe he didn't recognize me!    Monday we have a big meeting to go over the whole plan for the house.  Work should be starting in less than TWO months!  Seems unreal:) 

Last week I actually bought something for the house.  I bought Jon & me a new bedspread set.  I love the "beds in a bag"  This one is white....I have probably lost my ever living mind but it was on clearance, I had a 20% off coupon and it is so soft.  The bedspread we have now, BOTHERS me.  Some textures I can not deal with, it's like finger's on a chalkboard to me.  The white will look beautiful but I'm very glad it was on clearance!  I also got a huge rug for Sarah's room  The house will have wood floors and she does not care for wood.  Sarah spends a lot of time on the floor and she likes a rug.  I found a huge piece of cut carpet for her room for $30.  It should cover most of the exposed floor and when it is too dirty, it can be tossed!   Sarah seems to have lots of accidents due to the fact of eating pureed foods and because she is so active.  There have been a few times she has somehow gotten her diaper off.....   Oh speaking of diapers...she is still having some diaper rash.  One of my college friends just sent me some homemade cream and it seems to be helping.  The problem is everything seems to be helping for a little bit but then the rash will flare up.  The dermatologist has sent in two prescriptions but honestly the OTC stuff has done just as well.  I was hoping that something would be THE magic cream for her but we may have to go in to see the doctor.  It never gets past a point and it seems to come and go in intensity.  We use the same diapers, wipes, laundry detergents and soaps as we always have.   When Sarah first got home we had to use organic diapers on her because she seemed allergic to all the diapers we had tried.   Then she became eligible for a program through insurance for diapers and they've been great.  She has used them for over a year with no problem but I'm wondering if the diaper maker is using something new in them.  She is too big for the organic diapers we used to use on her and they are so expensive.  I'm hoping that we will find a solution for her.  I'm glad the bumps don't seem to bother her, they are only on her hips and never grow from the same little area, sometimes they are less and almost gone and then they come back.  I've never ever dealt with any diaper rash till Sarah.  But I tell her all the time I love her diaper rash and all:) 

We have one more week then Shad starts back to school and the teachers begin coming more often for the three little ones.  Steve has two weeks before college starts.  I feel like I'm on the top of a rollercoaster, ready to be hurled down as we try and figure out all of our schedules and who gets what car when.....LOL   It will all work out. 

By the way two friends sent me this link
go read it!  It's about a huge snake that has been killing cats in a town not so far away from us!  That is what I think is happening to the cats.  I've been bringing in the one that is house trained at night although I hate to have a litter box.  So far she has had no accidents.  But I'm still hoping someone would like to foster her. 

Hope you all are having a good weekend.  Remember to pray for the Iraqi Christians!!!!  And give to help them.  Possibly your church or denomination have a way to give towards aid workers in that area.  If not hopefully I'll have some info by tomorrow of how we can partner together. 

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  1. There is a great rash ointment that we've used with our boys and it is called Endit. Smells rough but does a great job. A small company makes it so we usually get it online.