Thursday, August 7, 2014

Odd Day!

Some days I don't even know how to share what happens to us....  yesterday I was approached by a lady while I was walking that obviously had some issues.  Then later somehow she ended up at my house.  It was just a very odd occurrence to say the least.  We just took it in stride, when I was telling my husband all the details, he just said "the story of our life "What about Bob?" (our favorite movie) "  He was quite nonchalant about the whole thing LOL  I was hoping I wouldn't run into her this morning!

Yesterday we noticed that three of our outdoor cats are missing.  Two of them never really left the yard.  Every summer we have something take our cats.  We have a few neighbors and we all look out for each other.  We are the only ones who have outdoor cats.  One guy has some chickens but he puts them in a pen at night and he has several loud dogs.  The others have indoor pets.  This started happening two years ago.  I really think that someone let loose a python in the swamp behind our house.  We never find fur, bones, blood or anything.  The dog never barks nor do we hear fighting sounds. 

We have two cats that are people friendly.  Both spayed females and we are looking for a home for them or at least someone to foster them until we move in December.  Both have been indoor cats.  If you are interested in them contact me at    THANKS!

Last night I had gone out with some friends and Steve went to youth group.  We came back home together around midnight and when we got out of the car, we heard an alligator bellowing very loudly.  It was either looking for a mate or really ticked off about something!  We got inside quick!!  (And no we never have gators come up, we have a double fence.  and no I don't think they got the cats as two of the cats never really left the yard.)  We are not afraid at all about gators, in 8 years only have seen two out of the woods.  But it was just the fitting ending to the day. 

It was just an odd day all around.......  What can I say?

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