Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Day 4 almost done with the H Pylori pills....only got the 3 bedtime ones to go for today.  I've kept them all down and I'm thankful.  During the day I have a low level nausea but by about 5 pm I feel like I have morning sickness.  I have no appetite but crave salt (just like I did when pregnant!)  The only thing that I can eat that helps is fried chicken (LOL my absolute comfort food!)  and a baked potato from Wendy's.  By supper time I can't even feed the kids, I can't stand the smell of food.  Nor can I cook.  Tomorrow I'm going to do a roast in the morning before I start feeling sick so it will be ready by suppertime. 

But what helps me the most is I think of friends who for various reasons have to take a lot of meds and I tell myself to "SUCK IT UP!"    If they can do it for a lot longer than 10 days I need to just shut up and that helps me. 

I have 7 more days to go and I will be so glad to get this over with!

Everything is good in the Clanton household.  Selah is doing just wonderful.  We think we have figured out WHY she was having spikes in her heart rate and so many issues before the hip surgery, she was in pain, more than we knew and for longer than we knew.  Now she is just perfect day after day once she got over the worst of the surgery.   So thrilled that we were able to get her in and have the surgery so soon after noticing a problem. 

Some times the "TROLLS" I've told you about love to talk about how Selah could walk by herself before the accident and how that skill was taken away from her.  In fact she did not like to walk, she scooted on her bottom all through the house.  She would grumble if we took her by the hand and made her walk to the van.  We used to hear her coming down the hall of the orphanage crying because she had to walk down the hall.    Because she was bedridden for so long, she did not put much weight on her legs and her hips were a problem for her.  She did not have much cartilage and  her femur was probably always a bit out of whack.  She couldn't bend her legs while she walked and she waddled like a penguin.  Of course we had hopes that she would get better with therapy but had no assurance of that at all.  Obviously with some spacity  this problem got worse and that is why she had to have this last operation. 

I do not think Sarah will ever walk with out a walker and then only for short amounts of time.  We are going to the specialist next week but it seems she has gotten to a point and can't get beyond that point.  Again she was bedridden, her legs/hips are all out of whack in a different way than Selah. 


These pictures are from earlier.  I was busy doing something and Sarah decided that Steve would do as her buddy to sit with even if he was reading. 

  But a little later the world's cutest Energizer Bunny wore out and took a late nap in her very favorite chair.  I do believe she thinks this chair was bought JUST for her.  She will "pat" people on their legs if they sit in it!


  1. Love the picture of sweet

  2. Peppermint essential oil is great for helping reduce nausea, heart-burn and the gross feeling from smelling food with an upset stomach. Put a drop of it on your fingertip and rub it under your nose/top of your lip area, it will be a little strong aka "refreshing" but it helps soooo much. The same goes for putting a couple drops in 1L of water, really good for your stomach and as an added bonus it helps cools your body down from the inside. *Food grade oil is key*

    Coming from someone with gastroparesis, GERD and a major aversion to the smell of foods; Peppermint oil is my favourite "weapon" in my arsenal of GI meds/tricks of the trade. For me, it works almost instantly and everyone who I've made (I mean encouraged....) to try it has fallen in love with the magic peppermint too.

    I think I might remember you talking about trying to drink more water, peppermint oil with some lemon juice mixed in water is also pretty delish (though some might disagree) and the acid in the lemon juice turns into an alkaline once it hits your stomach, which helps further break down foods and allows your body to better absorb minerals/vitamins.

    Keep swimmin'!