Monday, August 25, 2014

Steve's first day of college....and the 30th anniversary of MY first day of college:)


Off to College...

how can it be???
But I remember a day back in 2001....when it was Steve's first day of kindergarten.


And on August 25, 1984 it was MY first day of college! 

Today was Shad's first day of 5th grade!
He had a really good day.

Got these pictures of Sarah looking out the window today.  She is drawn to the light.


Precious girl!

Selah was decked out in purple!  

And this is my crowning achievement!
Homemade breakfast tortillas!
they are individually wrapped in Saran wrap and ready for the microwave in the mornings!

So that was my day in pictures.  What a busy day!  I got up early and walked three miles.  Took the car in for air in the tires (light was on)  Came home to get the littles up and ready for their teachers.  Shad and Jon had already left for school & work.  Then Steve left for his first class....  I ironed the next two weeks worth of clothes for Jon! ( I'm weird I LOVE to iron, just find it hard to find the time.)  Steve got home, I went to pick up Shad and dry cleaning and grocery shopped.  We got home put away the groceries and I cooked supper (baked chicken, tortellini, green beans, salad and garlic bread.  AND I made this awesome recipe my friend Kandi gave me.   I cooked two packages of turkey sausage, about 7 eggs and a handful of cheese.  combined it all and rolled it up in tortillas, wrapped them in Saran wrap (Satan's invention) and frozen them.  NOW in the morning, the boys can just microwave them and breakfast is served!  Steve can't eat cereal, it upsets his stomach and I'm too busy in the morning to cook breakfast.  This is hopefully a more healthier breakfast than getting something on the go.   Anyhow I am BEAT!!!   We all went to bed last night at 9:30 and that is my goal for tonight too!!!! 

But I have to reminiscence about a day 30 years ago.  Believe me 30 years has flown by.....
When I left for college, I had no support from my family.  They did not want me to go for a myriad of reasons but the main one was just they had never left our town and didn't feel like I could make it plus they had a smothering type of love.  My great aunt Boots who had raised me had died the previous year and it just left my other great aunt Ruby and my grandmother.  We were not close at all.  It was not like we were fighting all the time, just there was no deep attachment.  But they did not want me to go and fought me all the way.  However years later, when Jon and I married, they both said that they thought I'd done the right thing by going to college....let me tell you THOSE words were hard won words!

Anyhow thankfully this friend of mine and her mom cared enough about me to drive me down to Lakeland and drop me off at the college.  Jina and her mom will never ever know how much that HUGE kindness meant to me!!!!!  

The night before I left my best friend Angela spent the night with me.  We slept in our favorite bedroom, that had windows all the way around the room.  I think the room had 9 windows in it.  I could hardly sleep for excitement and fear.  My friend and I were so close, I couldn't' imagine leaving her!   That was the hardest thing for me. 

When I got up that morning, my aunt wouldn't' speak to me.  How is that for a send off?  So I got in Jina's car and off we went......  The ONLY thing I remember from that trip was them stopping in Cross City Florida at the Hardee's to eat breakfast!  LOL  Me, I couldn't keep anything down LOL!
Now any time I'm up that way and pass that Hardee's I remember that day!

The next memory I have is of them driving off and leaving me at Southestern.....YIKES!  I was all alone!  Didn't know anyone....

I guess there were folks there telling us what to do.  I changed clothes and headed off to the cafeteria to get my student ID taken  (as seen above)  Back then I dressed up for everything.  I remember exactly the dress I put on- sort of a sailor dress, with navy blue espadrilles (remember them?) and panty hose (of course!)   I did meet a new friend Kim who became a life long friend right before going to the all places, the BATHROOM!  Our whole wing shared a huge bathroom and she was in front of the mirror working on that 80's hair....LOL!  She loves to tell the story...  she says she asked me how I liked SEC so far and I said "it's so new and different" in a very southern drawl:)   For some reason we can still quote that to each other and crack up!  One thing I will always remember is the SMELL of the dorm.  It was not a bad smell, it must be some type of cleaner, cuz every now and then I'll smell that somewhere, and I'm immediately transported in time back to my college days.

I look back at my young self and am amazed that I had the courage to do what I did.  There were a few people who encouraged me but all in all, I was so alone.  It was hard but it was so good for me!  Of course I'm glad that our son's experience is vastly different and that he has supportive parents but there is something to say about having to stand on my own two feet at such a young age,  Having to fight and work so hard, gave me a confidence that no one can take away from me. 

There are a few things in life that I absolutely KNEW I was supposed to do and one of those things was to go to Southeastern.  I had never heard of it before getting a pamphlet in the mail BUT as I turned from the mailbox with the pamphlet, God spoke to me.  Just as sure as anything I've ever known, I heard that I was to go to that college.  I had NO idea where it was or anything about it.  It was about a year after getting that flyer that I went to college.  I guess having that assurance that that was where I was supposed to be, gave me the courage.

I started working the next day and between many jobs (at one time I had three jobs) grants, scholarships and loans, I made it through.....

I'm really thankful that I took that step of leaving home, going to college....I feel it was the step that lead me to Jon and to the family I have now.  It's seems quite holy, now looking back on that time of my life. 

Steve doesn't have a clear path right now for his life.  He is interested in being a correctional officer but he can't even apply until he is 19 years old.  He is somewhat interested in college and decided that the State college near us was a good fit to see if that is what he wants.  With a grant, his full semester is paid for and that is wonderful!  State colleges are so much cheaper, I couldn't believe the difference!  He found his writing class interesting.  He is taking it and English and a 4 hour computer class.  So he just has 11 hours this semester, it's just how it worked out so I think it is a good start.  And I have to admit, I'm so glad he is still home with us.  We have a close relationship with Steve and enjoy him tremendously!!!!

Well that was our day in a nutshell, the boys have cleaned the kitchen and put up some clothes (oh yeah I did 6 loads of laundry!)  I think this energizer bunny has just about ran out of batteries!  I'm exhausted!  

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