Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Supper and my heart

Do you want to use Apple Cider Vinegar, which is all the rage right now  but hate the taste?  Try this dressing....1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts Olive Oil and this wonderful little flavor packet that has nothing bad in it....I put a few drops of lemon juice too, mix and shake well and YUM!  This salad dressing could not be any more healthier than what it is and it is soooo good!  The first time you try apple cider vinegar it might be a bit strong but NOW I crave it!  The Heinz unfiltered is supposed to be the very best type to use. 

So tonight was salad with the wonderful dressing above
garlic bread
Pepperoni roll ups

I try and make it as healthy as possible
the garlic bread is Alexis brand, no perseverative
Brown 2 pounds of ground chicken
add jar of tomatoes sauce
1 cup of pureed carrots
package of flax seeds
boil box of noodles (tried whole grain just couldn't hack it!)
layer casserole dish with noodles
add meat mixture
then add 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese
sprinkle mozzarella cheese & parmesan cheese
THEN on about 1/2 add cooked spinach
layer and repeat
on top layer cover with pasta sauce
then mozzarella and parmesan cheese
bake at 350 till bubbling! 
Pepperoni Roll ups
take  left over lasagna noodles
add pepperoni, pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese and then roll it up
stick a toothpick to hold it
fill up casserole dish
cover with pasta sauce and mozzarella and parmesan cheese
cook at 350 till bubbling!
My tricks to make it healthier...
ground chicken instead of beef (and vegetarian fed chicken only no antibodies)
pasta sauce READ the label no preservatives or oils other than olive oil!
All cheeses are low fat/skim and I try to buy organic when I can
pepperoni is NATURAL no nitraides
I sneak in the cup of pureed carrots and no one is the wiser
Same with the flax one knows it is there
the spinach is for me and Jon can't hide that LOL 
I hope you enjoy the recipe I shared.  My heart is heavy for the suffering in the world and this seems like a very trite blog post but there is so much in my heart it is hard to share in a short time. 
Pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
Please help out with the WELL CHALLENGE! 
Today I got offered an old car and we are going to figure out how to get the most out of it to be able to give to the well challenge. 
I have to say when I write about orphan blog falls strangely quiet.  Don't feel bad, so does my facebook posts.....  I know there are folks who care and give so thank you so much but I don't understand the quietness.....
I LOVE to give to good works and even if I can't always give, I support by reposting or sharing on my blog or something.......
Is Orphan care not sexy enough?  I don't mean that in a bitter way.....I'm all for giving to find cures to help fight diseases (if given to an ethical organization)  The first fundraiser I ever did was when I was in 7th grade and raised a few hundred dollars for the Jerry Lewis Telethon by going door to door and asking people to give.  I was so excited to turn it in at the end of the day to the Women's Club and I got to be on the radio for a minute.....
I get so excited about giving to the things I've shared about on this blog.  Whether it was to a specific family to adopt or whether it was to help support a little girl's surgery in Ukraine, or medical orphan care in China or helping Christians fleeing from ISIS or Ukrainians fleeing pro's all good and just thrills me to be a small part of helping others. 
Helping THESE particular orphans, is so close to my heart.  My girls would be there with them right now if we had not adopted them.  Their are two children there right now that we had HOPED to go back and adopt....there is another girl who I held in my arms, we support her monthly and pay for her care giver....these are kids I KNOW, ones I've touched and played with.  Ones who have brought me to tears having to leave them.  Oh I wish we could have done more than what we did......
PLEASE help us reach our goal of $2000 for building a well for this orphanage as they have little water being brought in to them and almost 500 to care caregivers.....
You can give by sending a check to
Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund
or directly to L2O please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal!
 I would really appreciate it!  I'm pledging $100 personally!  I have gotten a check for $200 and hopefully we will be able to sell this car, even if it's just for scrap....
PS.  We gave to the Monier family for their daughter Grace.  They are home with her now and she is doing pretty good for an older child adoption.  Pray that her transition will continue to go well! 

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