Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sweet Sarah

Usually I sit on the floor and fed Sarah in my lap.  When she first came home, I put her in a high chair but she hurt her legs one time with a teacher because it was so hard to lift her up and out.  she was too little to sit at our table so it just seemed natural to sit on the floor and put her in my lap.  I feel like she is getting "emotionally fed" at the same time I'm meeting her physical needs.  I'm not sure she had anyone hold her while she was being fed in the orphanage. 

Well this morning, I had fed her breakfast late and was getting lunch for everyone else and she scooted into the kitchen.  First of all she moves herself by doing a hop/crawl which is fine in the living room as there is nothing she can bump into but the kitchen has the big table and chairs.  Also the cabinets and the floor are almost the same color and I think that confuses her as we believe she can see colors/big objects.  PLUS she HATED the wooden floor and tries to avoid it when possible.  So for her to come ALL the way deep into the kitchen, scooting on her bottom was just adorable.   I said her name and she answered me back with her little noise that sounds like "Unhuh"  she had never done anything like this before and we just loved it!   I sat her in the big chair and fed her lunch early:)  I thought she needed a treat!   She was smiling the whole time. 

I love to see Sarah do new things and to see her happy.  We have such a bond, I'm so blessed to have this little sweet girl as my daughter.  Unless you are around her, it would be hard to believe how easy going and sweet natured she is.  When we brought her home, in the back of my mind I did wonder "when was the honeymoon going to be over?"  Well after 2's still on:)    I'd love her no matter what, don't get me wrong, but there is something so unique about Sarah.   Who would have known that the little blind girl in the "bedridden" room had so much love inside of her to give? 

If I sit down in the living room, Sarah comes straight to me to sit on my lap.  It used to be she wanted to be in her favorite rocking chair, now she just wants to be on my lap.  We kid around that we will have to buy one of those massive Lazy Boys recliners/rockers as she gets older so we will have enough room!   I feel VERY loved!   Sometimes I'll try and be really quiet when I come in but we think she sees enough shadow/light to figure things out and she'll come hopping/crawling to me.   What a treasure she is!

It amazes me how she has such a capacity to love.  With everything she went through, and including her very low IQ, the way she handles emotions and love is just amazing.  There is no other word for it.  It's like she was totally unscathed by the years of neglect.  There are things she doesn't know how to do, like kiss or even hug but she snuggles up into my arms. And she pats us on the back constantly. She loves to touch my face and will rub it. It is so sweet. 

One other thing about Sarah and Sam both, they respond to Christian music and preaching in an unique way.  Sarah twirls on the floor and claps her hands BUT only to Christian songs!  We have tested her over and over again.  The only song she has responded to that was not a Christian song is the song that begins the  Duck Dynasty show LOL.....I think that is a ZZ Top song LOL

Sam LOVES preaching.  He likes the old time Pentecostal preaching with all the extras added in:)  I have seen him sit for a solid hour watching a DVD of someone preaching.  He particularly likes Tommy Bates, a fiery Church of God preacher.  He also likes to hear his daddy who is not quite that loud or exuberant.   Sam will get upset if there is a guest minister UNLESS the minister is a very loud one! 

It is so unusual to see this type of response in children with all of their challenges. It's like there is something inside of them that yearns for God.   Jon and I really hold these things in our hearts, not quite sure of what to make of them but very humbled and grateful for these sweet glimpses into their little souls.


Please don't forget about the WELL CHALLENGE!!!!!

 You can give by sending a check to
Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund
or directly to L2O please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal!  Please mark that you'd like for it to go to the WELL project!
Life2Orphans has already sent $1200 to help with the food shortage!   L2O is right in there as always doing everything that can be done for the orphans of Ukraine.  I'm so thankful for this organization!!!!!
My goal is to raise the $2000 needed for the well repairs and their goal is to raise $3000 to help with the other needs just for the one orphanage alone that our girls would be at right now if we had not adopted them. 
Right now I have $300 towards the $2000 goal!!!!  I have the faith it will all come in and come in quickly!!!!!

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