Sunday, August 3, 2014

Torez Ukraine Orphange Hit by Bomb!

Just in shock....
TOREZ ORPHANAGE - HIT WITH BOMB - The Façade and some of the rooms of the main office building of the orphanage were ruined. Social Worker, Svetlana and several other woman were wounded by pieces of glass!! Orphans were at dinner and thankfully not hurt!!    Roads are closed to the city due to war activity. Please pray for the people of Ukraine!!
Please pray for Ukraine.... when I read this, my stomach actually began to hurt and I had chill bumps.  This is just unreal.  Every child/adult in the Torez orphanage/mental institution is handicapped in some way.  Things were very hard for them when we were there two years ago.  I can not imagine what it is like now for them.  It was hard to get medicine, diapers, food, even water and coal at time.  Can you imagine what is like now??? 

My mind goes back to those days spent at the's unreal that it has become a place of war.  The area where the orphanage is at, is a small area/village outside of Torez (which is a small town itself)  Right around the orphanage is a very poor area, of several streets, some stores, mostly outside shops.   I was told that the Malaysian jet crashed within 2 miles of the orphanage itself.  Most of the staff live in that small area.  Please pray for them. 
So for anyone reading this who thinks Sarah and Selah would be better off in their home country, read this story   
Such a sad horrible time. 
I'm holding my daughters closer to me tonight.  So thankful they are not living through war.  Praying for the many who are experiencing war and lack of resources.  To have been there, to know the ones left's an awful feeling. 
We never dreamed what saying YES to God's leading would bring us....we had no idea of the emotional cost or the tears.  We never dreamed when we started this journey of adoption that in just two years Ukraine would be in the middle of a war.  We had no idea how our hearts would break for this country that we had to look up on the globe to know exactly where it was at back then.  Obviously we had no idea of the personal heartache we'd go through either.....BUT we'd say YES all over again if we had to. 
I have learned that when my heart is opened to love, sometimes it hurts.  Again personally I've found this to be true in our own family.  But also on another level.  I KNOW people personally who are affected by this war.   I worry for the orphans, for our Pastor friends who had to escape for their lives, I worry about some of the government officials we worked with who were so very kind to us.  I worry about the orphanage workers that we knew and grew to care about.   
When we went to Torez, I was not prepared for the relationships we would forge with people, some who probably didn't do the best they could for our girls, but we grew to love them anyhow.  I had NO idea we'd find a church similar to our church in beliefs and form such a bond with many in the congregation as well as the pastor, despite the language barrier.  We feel such a bond with Ukraine and the people of Torez specifically, as well as our wonderful facilator who was from Kiev.  I think of the various people we got to know in the 6 weeks we were there.....all we can do is pray for God to intervene in this situation....... 


  1. I'm heartbroken over all of this. As if the plight of the orphans was not horrible enough to begin with. Just heartbreaking.

  2. I'm thankful that you have that connection there so that those of us who might not ever know anything about Torez and the orphanage can now pray and spread the need for prayer more specifically. Thank you.

  3. Tried to leave one and it said publishing and then went back to this publish thing again...
    Don't remember what I wrote before it was lost, so I will just tell you that I am standing with
    you in prayer for those in Ukraine..
    Love from NC