Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TROLLS & School

Sometimes I have no idea of what I'm going to write about when I start a blog (can't you tell?).  Other times it just flows.  Right now I could just flow....but I am showing restraint, which is hard for me.  Folks just continue to keep the Mussers in your prayers.  The trolls are busy being nasty.  I never go on any sites just read what some friends sent me, I know those nasty people love to see hits on their blogs so I will not add to their blogs!!!  And yes we were included in their discussion and compared to the Mussers.

Wonder how many orphans those trolls have adopted?  Some of them say they are adoptive parents but I doubt it and since they don't even give their names, there is no way to really know the truth.   Can't help but wonder how many orphan projects they help fund?  I would imagine ZERO adoptions and ZERO giving to any type of project that might make some child's life a little better. 

When people give a false name or no name you have to take EVERYTHING they write with a huge grain of salt.  Let me tell you I have no problem stating my opinions and I have NO problem signing my name to those statements. I'm a real person.  I don't hide behind silly made up names or anonymous.   If I have a problem with something in the adoption community I have no issue saying where I stand and I don't try to completely tear down the other side either. 

If you have noticed, I've distanced myself from many in the adoption community because of the inner fighting.  Honestly I think most people really want to do the best they can for orphan care and I don't think anyone is the devil (except for the trolls) .  I just don't care to be involved in any way!  I'm in NO groups nor do I plan to be.  As I learn of situations and opportunities to be involved in various projects I will raise money for those situations but I do not care to know anything behind the scenes  At one point I was in two different groups, both groups believing the other was the devil.....LOL  it was like a train wreck to watch and quite entertaining.  

Back to the trolls...what spineless hateful people.  They say whatever they want but again have no balls to put their names to it.  How juvenile.  How can anyone take something a person like that says seriously??  I sure do not!


Today I had an IEP meeting for all three little ones to discuss their schooling for this coming year.  Not all areas were discussed as not everyone was there.  Overall it was a good meeting.  There was discussion regarding the three teachers I let go because of various reasons.  One told a nurse and my son that she'd lost custody of her small children due to charges of abuse!  One was very nasty acting towards Sarah and our regular teacher and another one yelled at Sam in front of me.   Since I won't allow these teachers/therapists to work with the kids they don't have anyone else who can do home bound education for the three of them in the various areas.  Thankfully they have a vision and academic teacher that has worked with Sam for 7 years that does the majority of their education.   Anyhow the school board is out of compliance because they can't get a teacher that I'm comfortable with for the other areas.  So they are sending me a letter to detail this and I informed them I'd be sending them a letter detailing WHY those teachers were let go!   Also one of them I had asked to have removed, sent in a recommendation saying that the kids were "not ready" for her specific skill to be taught.  That was such a crock!  Before the incident happened when I asked that she be removed, she had upped the time she spent with them as she was seeing progress so we dealt with that too.   Either the folks I deal with are nicer than they used to be or I'm just so resigned to fighting for the kids, I don't even get mad anymore LOL  We can have an all out discussion and when it's over, we just carry on a conversation about whatever LOL!   

One good thing that came out of this meeting is Sam will have a behavioral therapist to help us with some of his behaviors.  Sam has bit his right pointer finger for years.  It has a corn on it.  Occasionally he will pinch himself.  These are called "self injuring" behaviors.  We deal with them by often taking him outside or doing something physical with him like play on the big ball.  That may be reinforcing his behavior since he gets something good out of the behavior we do not want to see.   I'm excited to work with someone who can give us some pointers on dealing with this as we worry about it getting worse.   With Sam it goes in cycles.  Right now he is in a good place, still biting his finger but that's been about it except for one day he pinched himself.   We have tried meds but they didn't seem to make a difference except one makes him sleepy.  I think I shared on here about our quest...we've tried two different ones that we stopped and now he has an anti anxiety med to take as needed.  We'd like to learn other ways of dealing with this!

Yesterday I was able to get Shad's "Step Up For Students" scholarship finished.  It's a scholarship that pays for a child to go to private school in Florida.  he has gotten it for years but this year the program was not satisfied with the paperwork I'd submitted so I redid it and I think he'll have it for next school year, starting in just weeks!

Steve is registered and got his classes set for the fall at the college.  He was happy to find that his best friend and him have a class together without even trying to work it out:)  He is taking just one hour under a full load but I thought that was fine for his first semester and he'll be working close to full time.   He want to work, I would have been happy with him just going to school but he is so excited about working at Habitat for Humanity

So everyone is pretty set for the school year to begin. 

So this is a post that is totally about two different topics! 

Hope you all are having a good week!

PS...just heard that the Torez Orphanage is being moved.  I have no idea HOW they will move 400 special needs people through a war zone.  God be with them!!!  Please pray that everyone is moved safely!


  1. I am going back into my hole. I saw a lot of traffic on my blog and followed it back to a hate group. The things they said about me showed that they had no idea aobut my heart. However, I got a good view of theirs. Keep doing as you do and don't mind the trolls.