Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ukraine on my mind......

So much on my mind, that I don't really know if I have a blog post in me.....

Heartbroken over the escalating fighting in Ukraine and the acknowledgement of our POTUS (president for non Americans) that Russia is behind it.  I'm heartbroken it has taken so long for our president to acknowledge the influence of Russia.  I think losing Crimea just might have given him a hint something was going on......

For some reason I love the one guy, he is the prime minister of Ukraine
this is not his best picture but he speaks clearly (and slowly for our leaders who need to understand the situation)  Tonight he was on the news explaining how Ukraine had been fighting and taking back territory  from the separatists but they (Ukraine) can not win against Russia.  He speaks with such dignity. 
That's how I think of Ukraine.  A country that was ruled by Russia for so many years, just free since 1991, a country that in spite of all the problems it had, still it had dignity and still does. 
My prediction is that Russia will overtake Ukraine....and then go on to take back other nations who were once part of the Soviet Union.  I hope and pray I am wrong and will be very glad to be wrong!    I don't necessarily think that Putin wants to bring back Communism but he does want the land that the Russians think is theirs. 
Wish we had some faith healer that could raise Ronald Reagan from the dead......  but since that is not going to happen, we better do some praying!
What do I think we should do as a country outside of trying to bring Reagan back from the dead and lots of praying?  Thanks for asking.....
I think we should slap Russia with many REAL sanctions, bring in US advisors to Ukraine, give Ukraine lots of money and equipment to fight with, put our missile shields back up in Eastern Europe....allow NATO and the UN to send in troops (some would be US troops).....that's what I think should happen.  I doubt it will happen because our president is a weak man and the world knows it. 
For those of you who hate to give money to other countries just know in a situation like this, by helping them, we are in essence allowing them to fight the battle for us.  We give so much money to things/countries that may end up hurting us.  Helping Ukraine would only help us!
IMO, Ukraine's freedom or lack of it, is a reflection of what is going on in Putin's mind.  If you see he is going after Ukraine, other countries may be in his sights too. 
I'm just a mom, my college degree is in theology and counseling (funny I've not used my counseling degree very much wonder why??  LOL)  I'm not a political major but I read....a lot.....a lot of boring books....I've been places, talked to a lot of news, not just American news.  I feel I have a grasp of things.  I pray that God will bring peace to Ukraine and protect her as a sovereign country. 
Don't forget the WELL challenge of digging a well for the orphans of Ukraine.  These are real people, many I know personally, ones I've held and played with......
  You can give by sending a check to
Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund
or directly to L2O please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal!
My heart is so heavy for the news out of Iraq and Syria.
Pray for protection for the people from ISIS
We are being threatened right here in our homeland.
There is no real answer for this world but Jesus and I know that
I also know that the bible says that troublesome times will come on  this earth.  It's hard for me not to think the coming of the Lord is near and that these are signs of His coming.  I don't know when Jesus is coming back, but He is coming again.  Then there will be real peace....

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