Friday, August 8, 2014

Working Hard!

Whew another work day at Habitat for Humanity.  Steve. Shad and I worked 24 hours today between the three of us and feel like we got a lot done.  Shad helped me and we moved the luggage section, the boys' clothes, the curtain/rugs/bath things and we went through all the clothes and took out the stained ones.  Then we shelved all the books that had come in, and put up some carts of donated items.  We organized the hangers and all the glassware.  Steve ran the cash register.  Shad and me worked harder LOL!!!

No Shad did not grow overnight he is standing on a stool!  I'm beat but we had a really good time working as always.  We volunteer with some great folks who show love to our family.  


I want you to read the article below that tells the story of one of Sam's doctors and a friend of mine.  His son contacted Primary Amoebic Meningitis, and died from it.  It happened suddenly.  His parents did not wallow in their grief, although God knows they could have.  They are telling their story to help protect others!!!  Please read this!  It might save a life!


My heart is with the Iraqi Christians and so are my prayers.  So thankful the USA is doing something to help them even if it only to protect our interest in the region.  Truly wish this country would do more.  Please pray that God will sustain these saints as they are facing death and martyrdom.  As I read news reports and watch tv, I wonder if I would stand for Jesus like these people are being asked to do?     God be with them and deliver them!


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  1. Oh goodness! I have heard about your story through the adoptive community and found you. What a blessing you are to these precious babies. God has a plan for each one of them. I did hear about the accident and have prayed continually for you. I am glad I found your page. Much love to you.