Friday, September 5, 2014

$645 to go!!!!!

So far I have $930 in hand with more that I know is coming in and readers have given directly to Life2Orphans, Inc. a total of $225 =$1155 so far!!!!!! I'm sure of another $200 so including that is $1355 ONLY $645 to go to reach the $2000 goal to help build a well in Druz Orphanage in Ukraine!!! Thank you to all who have helped. This means so much to me. My girls would be there right now if we had not adopted them. There are almost 500 mainly special needs orphans there with their caregivers and little water or food. Many children we
know personally.....if you would like to give here's how

 Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund or Well fund

 or directly to L2O please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal! Please mark that you'd like for it to go to the WELL project!

This makes me HAPPY!!!!!!!


Has strange computer issues yesterday.  Steve had to redo our whole computer/internet system, glad he knows what to do.  It's beyond me-mainly cuz I get too annoyed with it!

Well I had all kinds of blogs written in my head yesterday LOL but this morning I'm just focused on how happy I am that the money is coming in for the Well!  I'm very thankful!  It just thrills my heart to be able to do something for them that is LONG lasting.  The well if done correctly will be there for years to come.  We don't know what will happen in Ukraine but the well will be there to bless the orphans and the caregivers and maybe people in the area in the months and years to come.  That makes me happy.

Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to donate $100. by Paypal, but I don't see the correct orphanage?

  2. I think if u go to their donation site there is a box or comment section Just type in Druz Well Challenge. If it doesn't seem to work then donate & email me your name & I'll make sure they credit it to the well!!!! Thank u so much!!!!! It just makes me very happy that we can all do something together to ease their suffering some!!!!