Friday, September 12, 2014

A Little Jurassic Park

YEAH!  got $20 in the mail from a friend in Winter Haven Florida:)  Since we are OVER our goal for the well, that is going to finish out Life2Orphans goal of $3000 for food/diapers.  Now they only need $139 to have their goal of $3000 met.  We are some happy and grateful people to have met these goals to help the children and staff in Druz Ukraine!!!!!   Truly this is the NICEST present I've ever been given for my birthday!!!!!   Shad is happy too! 

Today at 5 pm, the Clanton family had all of their 400 sweat equity hours in for Habitat for Humanity.   Steve did the majority of the hours and we appreciate his help so very much.  There were two ladies who also did some hours for us and that was a huge help!   Once all the paperwork is done, Steve will start working for HH as a real employee.  It will be his first real job and he already has plenty of experience working there.  I'm so happy for him, before we even had met the staff, I just had a feeling that with Steve volunteering there, that it would become a job for him.  We are happy!  We were told that they would start laying the foundation THIS month!!!!!  Can't wait!

Y'all know I love to read, but I generally like mysteries and do not like science fiction at all.  Steve bought Jurassic  Park 1 & 2 at the thrift store & one day when I had nothing to read I read it.  I usually don't like books like that but it was really good.  I don't like sci-fi movies either but after reading Jurassic Park, we are going to watch it tonight.  The boys like all those kinds of movies and I've been in the room while they've been playing but didn't really pay attention to them.  If there is a movie I don't like, I just sit and read while they watch it. 

If a movie came out in the mid 80's, chances are I did NOT see it when it came out.  When I was in college we had to sign a paper saying we would not go to movies.  I grew up not being allowed to go to movies.  It's funny cause my best friend's dad, owned the movie theater LOL!!!   When I was in high school I went to see my first movie "Blue Lagoon"  I was pretty sure the either the devil would pop out of the screen or the Second Coming would take place.....LOL  Neither happened! 

Really until Steve was 3 or 4 years old, I didn't go to movies much.  Once he got old enough, we hit them all!  Movies are such a treat to me and special.  I love the big screen and the popcorn!   Of course my favorite movies are funny ones like Madea Movies.  I did go with Steve to see a Zombie movie at a late night showing and was petrified on the way home.  It was such fun:)  Anyhow I'm looking forward to watching JP....a few years after its release LOL


Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!

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