Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Amazing Experience

Yesterday some dear friends in a war torn country contacted me about finding out how they could immigrate to America based on the fact they have been threatened with death and have had to leave their home.  So I began working on it and praying as I worked.  I have no idea how to go about it but I knew I should probably start with our state Senator Marco Rubio.

Since Selah had a doctor's appointment in Tampa, it seemed like it would be perfect for me to run by his Tampa office today since I had to sign some paperwork and a waiver to get any process started.  I knew that because his office helped out with the girls' homeland security clearance.  (his office got their clearance done in 3 days....between Christmas and New Year's....unreal!  So we have a great loyalty to Rubio!!!) 

So the nurse and I took Selah to her doctor's appointment.  Everything was great with Selah, the doctor was thrilled with how well she has been and how little storming she has had.  He's a sweet guy, he and my nurse are long term friends.  So I told him what we were doing after we left his office.  He was interested as he immigrated from Cuba as a child and has a strong conservative leaning (I know this from some conversations we have had on various things)

Anyhow he whipped out some paper and began writing a note to Rubio's office!  He and a good friend are great supporters of our Senator and his friend is Rubio's child's godfather.....  The note encouraged the office to help us and our friends out in any way possible!  I was just in shock, I'm not even sure I thanked him enough!!!!    That really encouraged me that God might just be opening a door for our friends.....

Then we were off to Rubio's office
Beautiful building right?  Try finding it.....Oh my gosh....I have a good sense of directions as does my nurse who lived in Tampa for years....let's just say we drove around for almost an hour!   AND we had the address and mapquest.  Then when I called the office, they told me that the name of the building was another building....LOL  It was a comedy of errors BUT we finally made it there!!!
I signed the wavier and gave them my info so they can open a case to start the ball rolling.  I'm hoping to hear from one of their immigration lawyers very soon.  I know it is a long process and many people are telling me that it's almost impossible BUT I believe that God can open doors in this critical situation.  Please pray that we will find favor as we work on this.   If you have any experience in this area, please let me know. 
As I said, Selah is doing just great.  I'm thankful when the doctors tell us "just keep doing what you are doing with her"  because she has been so stable.  I really believe that comes down to her daily care as well as the miracle drug Tobymixcin.  She has full time nursing and recently I made some changes in her nursing that I think will benefit her.  We are concentrating  on keeping her healthy and her body flexible.  She has some upcoming doctor appointments to try some botox on her knees as they have been so tight.  Just in the last few days we have tried some new resting positions that have seemed to help quite a bit.  She will also be getting a knee brace and a new hand brace to help her thumb. 
Some days she looks so healthy, it seems like she'll just get up and hop out of bed......  This is one thing we say, we are keeping her body healthy for her and we just pray she'll come back to us one day and be able to fully use her body. 
On the way home, we stopped by the property since this nurse had never had a chance to go out there before.  The property was "staked" with wooden stakes showing the outline of the house.  I went and stood in where will be our bedroom LOL   I know it had to be staked before the foundation goes in so now I'm really excited to hear about when that will happen!!!!
Today has been a long day and NO I did not cook supper!  We ordered Chinese and I ate almost all of my container.....I had not eaten all day long and yes I do that too often I know.  I'm one sleepy girl tonight.  But it was a productive day. 
So please pray that we will be able to help our friends and that God will protect them and provide for them!  Thank you!!!!!!

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