Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Scare-Big Relief!

Monday night as I was changing Sam for bed, I noticed a lump on his chest.  He has "Pigeon Chest" anyhow and his chest is a bit misshapen.  I showed it to Jon, we both thought it was odd.  Then Tuesday night, it seemed like it had grown and we showed it to our nurse who was serious about it.  Of course I researched the heck out of it after we put the kids to bed.  It actually made me feel a little better, and I thought it was probably that he had some growth and one side grew larger.  But it was so odd and so sudden, that it was worrisome.  (come to find out it does happen very quickly)

Today Jon went with me to take him to the doctor.  Our doctor sent him for x-rays to be sure, but thankfully it is just his rib cage growing abnormally.  I know it sounds crazy to say that but it sure beats a tumor!  From the reading I did, he may have some problems as he gets older but "we'll cross that creek when we get to it" if we have to!

I'm just glad tonight that there was an answer for the lump.  And I am thankful as always for our pediatrician Dr W and his office staff.  They got us in, seen and got us the results.  His nurse told me when I thanked her for calling after hours "girl I wouldn't go home without calling you and telling you"  Now that is a friend!!!!   I've said it before, but it is such a blessing to have a team to work with who cares about your family.  I'm so thankful for our pediatrician and his team! 

Shad and Sam had the flu mist, first time we've ever done the mist.  Sarah, Selah and Steve actually all three have appointments for various things on Friday with our doctor and will be getting the flu mist then. Well Selah probably will have to have the shot.....

I'm very PRO vaccination and I encourage you to take your kids to get the flu shot and get it yourself.  We've been getting the flu shot since I was pregnant with Sam (I didn't get that one) and never have had a reaction NOR have we ever had the flu. 

Here's some happy pictures from last night....I went out with one of my besties for my birthday. 

my friend looks GREAT!  And  I've learned nice big comfy shirts....make me look like I AM pregnant with the triplets I dreamed about!


Look who is standing every day!

Vermont the cat

We are a thankful bunch around here tonight.  I'm sleepy, found it a little hard to sleep last night, worrying about Sam.  I think he & I need to cuddle tonight:) 

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