Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birthday presents


Birthday cake and presents for Shad
I confess I am NOT a good present wrapper at all and absolutely hate to wrap things!
But Shad is quite a good present UNwrapper LOL
this was his favorite
a real walkie/talkie
We have had a good time with that WT set.  Jon took one in the woods with him today but it didn't quite work the promised "32 miles away" but some channels are better than others so we are working on learning it.  It has a weather channel (NOAA) and now Shad is the weather announcer for our family LOL.  He was confidently telling me we would have rain today until 1 pm with clearing skies LOL  He was right!
Yesterday was a long day for me.  Sarah, Selah and Steve had appointments with our pediatrician.  They all had check ups and vaccines to get.  Selah had to get FOUR shots and she cried a tear.  I felt bad, but yet a little glad to see a reaction like that.  She seldom sheds a tear, I think the last time was last flu shot.  Sarah got the flu mist which is supposed to be stronger this flu season.  She did not appreciate it going up her nose at all!  Steve had to get an extra booster shot too.   
For the FIRST time EVER....Sarah is on the growth chart!!!!!  She is at the 3rd percentile in weight and the 9th in height for a 7 year old girl:)    When we first adopted her, she was so OFF the chart it was scary!  I'm so happy to see her on the chart!
Last night I went out with a friend to celebrate both of our birthdays although she is a year ahead of me ....  I had not eaten all day except for a left over piece of cake so by 6pm, the food tasted very very good to me!  Then we ended up going on a mission of mercy to get a key that was locked in a vehicle.  It was all fun, we were out and that was all that mattered! 
Today was grocery store day for me....I HAVE got to get back to couponing!  Although it is rare that coupons help with wholesome food.  Most of the time, the coupons are for unhealthy things. But we spend so much money on food!     I was HAPPY to find Sarah's organic baby food!  Sometimes I can find it and sometimes I can't.  I bought the store out:)     I try and cook things that I can puree for her, but some things just don't work out that good.  When I do a roast or something that purees good, I freeze a couple of small containers of it for her.  The best things I cook that work for her are chicken & rice, roasts. spaghetti, and of course soups. 
Tonight I'm cooking a BBQ pork roast.  My best friend's daddy used to cook that all the time and it was soooooo good.  He's been gone for a long time but I thought of him today:) 
I also bought some raw peanuts to boil, that is just a southern comfort food to me.  Nothing like fresh hot boiled peanuts.  They take forever to cook and you have to watch them and stir them all day but it is so worth it!   We love them around here. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!

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