Monday, September 29, 2014

Car Rides and Iphones

Last night  car ride....



With the extra chairs gone, Sarah has much more room to play and she is taking advantage of it!
Y'all know I walk most mornings, here are some pictures from today's walk
You can not tell by this picture but this is a steep hill.  It makes it look flat, but it is not
my fav spot LOL!
Ok I'm not a big liker of birds.  I do not understand why folks want them in their homes at all!  I don't mind seeing a blue bird, or a cardinal, or an owl flying around but birds don't do much for me.  However I do like the sand hill cranes AKA SWAMP BIRDS LOL
This morning there were two couples out eating while I was walking and they let me get right up on them to take pictures.  One couple was ticked off at each other.  They were making noises I'd never heard Swamp Birds make before.




And there were some other birds out
the baby ducks are almost grown up


I think the pictures turned out great with my new Iphone 6 camera!  Yes I have an Iphone 6 and NO I did not stand in line.  And it was basically free with the exchange of my old Iphone 4 and I have waaaaayyyy more data for free on it!  Our monthly plan is less expensive than before. 
I'm so NOT the one to have to have anything new that comes out.  I was quite content with my old phone that I've had for a few years.  When I first got the Iphone I was mad and felt tricked!  I liked my "old dumb phone" so much better.  It took me about six months before I could get used to it.    I was mad all the time dealing with it.  Technology and me do not go together.....
But last week my son Steve got a text saying he could trade in his phone for a basically free new phone.  I agreed to go with him to the Phone store because he promised to rub my back through a Dr Who show....I'm a sucker for having my back rubbed!  So we went in the store to LOOK....and walked out with two new phones and a 2 year contract (I've been with the company since 1997 so I didn't mind the contract)  I have to say I LOVE the phone.  It is bigger and I can see things on it!  That is the best part LOL.  Plus most of the things are the same so no new tech shock for me!   So I'm glad he talked me into getting these.  I didn't get the one that is bendable but just the Iphone 6, it's nice.  I do like the picture quality on it too. 

So if you already have an old Iphone, or any smart phone, you might want to look around and see what different companies are offering.  I couldn't believe the deal we got.
Well today was another crazy busy Monday.  We've all been busy.  Hope you all have a great week!

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