Sunday, September 7, 2014

Catch up on the Clantons

So much has been going on over here!

First let me tell you that $1305 has come in directly either by checks from you all or folks in our church!!!   AND at least $365 has gone directly to Life2Orphans from you guys!!!!!  So all together we have raised $1665!  Only need $335 to meet our $2000 goal!   I'm so grateful to everyone who has participated.  This will make a huge difference in the orphans and caregivers lives no matter what happens politically in Ukraine!  Thank you!

if you would like to give here's how

 Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund or Well fund

 or directly to L2O please write in Druzhkovka (Druz fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal! Please mark that you'd like for it to go to the WELL project!

Friday I got a call from school.  They thought Shad had pink eye.  Thursday was NOT a good day for him as he had " scoring violations" and "failed" two books.  First the scoring violations means when he checked his daily work, he did not correct his mistakes.  This is a big deal at his school based on the curriculum they use.  It's almost like cheating by default.  He wants to rush through and get done instead of going back and correcting his work.  The failure to score correctly caused him to score an "80" on math and an "85" on English.  I know those are passing marks BUT since he is a full year ahead in his books (he is in 5th grade but almost in 6th grade work in all areas) he is required to make a "94" or above to ensure he is understanding FULLY his work before he moves on.  Before school started, I warned him NOT to do this again as he got in trouble for it last year over & over again.  The consequences would be prolong recess & lunch detention and not being allowed to go on the numerous field trips.  That was only TWO weeks ago......  So Thursday night he cried and cried about all of this.  I thought maybe his eye was red from all the drama and crying but I took him to the doctor to be safe.  Come to find out, he has cellulitis around the eye!  This is the 5th time he has had that in 2 years!  He usually gets it on his legs.  Anyhow thanks to the meds and eye drops, his eye is back to normal.  He is still on restriction with me!  No TV at home either.......

Saturday Steve did a speech at a golf fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.  He was incredibly nervous.   Jon and I do not have a shy bone in our bodies and love to be on stage, it's very natural for us.  For me, I grew up "performing" in church.  Almost every Wednesday night, I was called on to sing, read/recite  a poem, or do something.  I was in plays.  Jon grew up with lots of confidence, I can't remember him saying he was ever nervous about speaking or being in front of people.  He loves being on tv (more than me LOL)  Well Steve is NOT like us.  We never pushed him to overcome his shyness because we do think some people just do not want to be up front.  The fact he actually agreed to doing a speech shocked me.  But he loves the people he works with at HH, not just for what they are doing for us but just how accepted he is there with the workers. 

So he had dreaded this speech ever since he agreed to it.  I helped to write the speech but he really worked on it.  He has a lovely deep voice.  A friend of ours keeps saying he should go into radio and listening to him (at least 100 times LOL) I agree, he has a smooth voice.  We were not planning on going with him because I thought it might make him MORE nervous for us to be there.  But Friday he asked me to go and Shad wanted to go too. 

So yesterday morning we went to beautiful Lake Jolivet's Golf  & Country Club.  The parking lot was FILLED, I had to reassure him not everyone was there for the fund raiser.  First there was a breakfast, I've never seen him eat so little. I was so nervous for him I couldn't eat much either.  However Shad had no sympathy for his brother and piled his plateS HIGH!  

Then to make things worse there was a long auction.  One good thing it did get people laughing and interacting so the audience was warmed up for Steve.  But he wanted to get the speech over with. 

Steve did a fantastic job!  People responded, as I looked around, many were wiping their eyes as I was too.  He shared from his heart what Habitat for Humanity means for our family & it was so sweet.  Steve told our family story in a concise manner with enough detail so the listener could get the picture.  He did so good, they've asked him to speak at their yearly banquet in March!   He is now worrying about that speaking engagement LOL!


                                                                     there were probably 120 people there all together....    


He's smiling now that it is over!
 Last night I got to go out with one of my besties:)  Friends for 29 years since we roomed together in college.  What a blessing to have a friendship like that....and the fact we still love each other!!!  

Today was church and that is always busy...afterwards we met Jon's brother and his family for lunch in Lakeland and ran into two friends at Olive Garden:)   I LOVE going to Lakeland, you'll always run into someone you know. 

BTW, except for Sundays our family has gone without eating out for TWO full weeks!!!!!!!!!!  I did go out Saturday night and Steve went out a couple of times with friends but I don't' count that:)  I've been working hard to cook big suppers so there are leftovers for lunch the next day.  Once I'm in the groove, it works!

I've kept up my walking, at least two miles a day (except for this weekend)  I'm near 75 miles walked on the course in the past 6 weeks!!!!!   I like keeping track of my miles walked, it gives me a goal. 

So that is our last few days in a nutshell....Hope you had a good weekend!!!!

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