Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Sunday!

We worked yesterday and went through ALL of Jon's books and the boys' stuff.  Managed to pry a big box of clothes/games/junk from their hands.  We also  ended up with 4 boxes of books, one box went to the chapel library.  So with the exception of the one box, I put everything in the church foyer this morning and told folks to go through it and take stuff.  I had a little jar so folks could give an "offering" if they wanted to.   I made $11 for the Orphan fund!!!!  Whatever is left after the Spanish service will go to Habitat for Humanity's thrift store.

And look who is standing at church!
I think it is a HUGE step for her to be standing somewhere besides home. 
we start by holding hands
then she pushes my hands away
And Claps!
Look at those little legs!  so happy to see them straight and supporting her!

then she takes a step into me for  a hug!


A few weeks ago Jon and I discussed the fact we'd probably have to buy her a wheelchair.  She had reached a plateau with even using the walker.  THEN she surprised us and begin doing this standing, we literally play the standing game hundreds of times a day.  She will hop/crawl over and reach for my (or anyone's) hands and pull up then push away and stand and clap till she falls down. Then we start all over again.....and again.....    She is doing it just like a baby does.  NOW she will take a step towards me before she falls.  Sometimes she falls in towards me and sometime she goes down on her bottom.  But she even seems to anticipate the fall and many times can right her self up before she falls.  We are thrilled with this new progress, it's beginning  to click with her!
After church we headed to our favorite local spot with some friends!



Sam loves his daddy!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!  We are here, just wished that the weekend was longer!  Monday is our crazy time to get ready!

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