Saturday, September 13, 2014


Here is George, our wonderful friend in Ukraine, giving the assistant director, Olga, the money for the well!!!!!   Life2Orphans went ahead and sent in to them the money based on what we knew was coming in directly to me. I'll be sending a check to them on Monday!  We may have a bit more come in over the weekend!     I want to thank my friend in Virginia for the check of $310 that came in today as she promised!   We went OVER the $2000 mark by about $100 or a bit more.  That is all going to Life2Orphans to help buy food for the  children. 
Please pray that they will be able to start on the well THIS coming week!!!  Pray that nothing goes wrong and they will have quick success.  We are hoping for pictures soon!!! 
Just so you know, Olga's family has moved to Kiev to safety.....she is staying with the children at the orphanage...that is love....  pray for all of their safety!
Being a parent has some wonderful moments....but there are times that are not too wonderful also.....

Last week Shad got in trouble at school for not scoring correctly his daily work, this is like a felony charge at his school!  LOL  So we put him on total restriction at school & home.  TOTAL!  This week we talked to him about the "possibility" of earning some of his privileges back...

Then yesterday he was caught playing the Xbox (which was bad enough) and he completely lied to me about it (the worse sin).  The Xbox is in my room right now, he hooked it up, changed the channel on the TV and had all the remotes out (that I'd put up)  So when confronted, he said Steve did it....Steve who had left at 8:30 am for I'd been watching tv as I cleaned my closet out earlier.    So he had to do chores, and went to bed as soon as supper was over, no movie night for him.  (BTW Jurassic Park was a good movie!  I JUMPED several times, can't imagine seeing in the the big theater!)

THEN today while I was gone and Jon was with the little kids, he went back in my room and was caught watching tv.......

Sooooo  off to weed some sections of the yard and do chores.  I'd have him weed the gardens but the weeds are so high, I'm too worried about snakes for him to be in there.  Darn it!

I'm at a loss with him!  We've tried so many different things to thwart this manipulative/lying behavior.  I guess my yard will end up the nicest one if he does not change!  He is not rebellious nor does he talk back, and he'll do the work but I'd rather him just behave and not get punished.

Last year he was going through a time like he has been lately and he remarked to one of our nurses "I don't know why ANYONE wants to smoke weed, I don't even like pulling weeds!"   We almost died laughing.  But he is getting a lot of "weed time" right now. And plenty of rest too, as soon as supper is over, he'll be in bed! 

If he doesn't see the errors of his way, I may start hiring him out for weeding jobs!!!!!!

Steve volunteered at Habitat today even tho we have all our hours in.  I love that he is such a good worker & enjoys being there!  It's really like a family to work together in their thrift store. 

I went by there, hoping to go to lunch with him but he dissed me and went with a friend.  So I took my tuna sandwich from Subway (no one else eats tuna in our house so I don't bother) and sat all alone in the break room and ate......did I say ALL alone?  It was like a gourmet meal !!!!!!!   I did pick up some books:)  Nothing like thrift store books!


Sarah likes standing in our living room window in the afternoon.  She loves the sunlight, we LOVE that she is standing!!!  She is also starting to stand unassisted for a few seconds at a time, just like a baby does before they start walking.  I had just about given up on her walking without a I'm getting hopeful again.  She is being fitted for ankle braces on Monday.

I think I shared that the neurologist diagnosed her with CP (Cerebral palsy )   HOWEVER the orthopedist disagrees 100% because all her reflexes are perfect.   He told me & also called our Physical Therapist to say NOTHING makes sense to him about Sarah.  By examining, it would seem she'd be able to walk normally.  His conclusion seems to be it's just because she was kept bed ridden for so long. 

I'd be so happy if Sarah could walk.  She really is my best little friend and loves to be with me always.  I hate not taking her places with me, but honestly, carrying her, getting out the stroller it's too hard sometimes.   She doesn't understand how to "help" you pick her up.  Because she can't see & her understanding is limited, she seldom understands how to move her body to help and she is dead weight!  I try not to complain but my body is so sore all the time, that it is hard to take her out alone.   If she could walk, she could go everywhere with me!  She is the happiest and easiest child outside of the whole movement thing! 

Since I've started back walking consistently, some of the soreness has gone away.  The pain in my right side that I've had for years is almost gone again.  I only have it when I'm not exercising!  Talk about a "thorn in my side" LOL  I also use a U shaped travel pillow to sleep and that has helped my neck some, I can turn it now to some degree.  I'm so thankful we have a back up camera on our van, it helps me not to have to turn as much. 

But one thing is for sure, the more I move, the less pain I have! 


Well since I've given an update on everyone else, Selah is doing fine.  No issues, she is at a great place for her.  If her heartrates stay normal, no storming, no sad faces....I'm happy!

Since I met with the behavioral therapist last week, I've put Sam back on his schedule and added outside time in the morning.  Before he was not taking naps every day because of the various teachers who come in to work with him.  He just can not handle not having a nap. 

Also we had been taking him outside when he would get "upset" and then worried we were creating a monster!  We don't think he'd associated bad/upset behavior with going outside (which he loves) YET but ......   so what we are doing, is taking him outside in the mornings for an hour.  We are "making" him walk around the property three times then he gets 30 minutes on the swing. We have had a much happier Sam!

So his schedule is ....
Change clothes
play in room
an hour outside
play in room
play inside or maybe back outside
play in room
bedtime routine.....

This (beside the set outside times) has just about always been his schedule.  But life has been odd for us for awhile.  We had gotten him back on schedule and then school started and I've kept him up in the afternoon for the teachers and that just screws up everything.  I'd actually been trying to not give him a nap for some weeks thinking it would be better for him to be used to be up.  But I think I was WRONG to do that!!!!    We are seeing a much happier Sam.  I think the one hour out in the morning helps him get all the energy out.  We did this before for quite awhile but got inconsistent because life has a way of trying to screw up schedules but this boy needs a schedule! 

So Steve is taking him on the mornings he can take him, Jon takes him on the weekend and I get the other days.  So far it's been well worth it!

Well hope you all are having a great weekend!!!!!!

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