Monday, September 15, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday!

Today's schedule:
Sarah OT 9-9;30
Selah PT 9:15-9:45
Selah Brace specialist 9:30-10:15 (overlapping on purpose)
Sarah PT 10:15- 11:15
Sarah Brace specialist 10:15-11:45
Sam Academic teacher 11;30-12:30
Sarah Academic teacher 12:30 1:30
Sam Vision teacher 1:30 - 2:30
Sarah speech teacher 3:00-5:00...
(took Sam out of speech so he can nap and stay on schedule.
Plus drop Shad off at School 8 am Pickup 2:00 (thanks Steve)
Steve college 10-1:30
Add eye drops, diaper changes, breakfast, lunch and supper....
and Selah's nurse....
Oh did I mention the Alarm company came to fix the church alarm?
And one delivery of diapers via UPS........
Jon working late at the prison.....
Welcome to my you know NOW why I am crazy?????
This is my NORMAL Monday minus the braces fittings and alarm company......  WHEW!!
This is a picture of Sarah having a plaster made of her feet.  Her PT was holding her. 
Sam was sitting on my lap just a few feet away.  We never know exactly what he sees/understands BUT he got so upset that he broke out in HIVES!!!!   I guess he thought he was NEXT!  I went to stand up and as I was getting up, I moved him towards them and he shrunk back.  We couldn't help but laugh at him.  I kept telling him it was ok, no braces for him!
We tried braces for him when he was about two and he became hysterical.  I only got ONE brace on ONE foot after about 30 minutes of fighting him and I absolutely gave up and threw the braces away.  There was no way I was going to upset him like that daily.  Sam was so sickly & tactile just was not going to happen!   He learned to walk completely normal without braces.  The difference with Sarah is we are at a point where she is not improving.  IF these can help her, it might make the difference in whether she ever walks alone. 
Sarah is not as defensive about touch as Sam was.  He didn't really wear shoes until he was 8 years old.  Even if it was cold, he could not handle them touching his feet.  I was so happy when he started wearing them!
Selah got fitted again too.  Since the hip surgery, she is so much stiffer.  We can't bend her knees hardly at all.  She is getting knee braces and we have her scheduled for Botox shots to try and get the knees back where they were before surgery.  I've been worried about it but wasn't sure that it was a battle that was worth fighting.  We don't ever want to cause her needless pain, just because of how something may look.  But her PT assured me that it would only get worse and would begin to cause her pain and other problems.  So our plan is to get the knee braces to start having a slight pressure on the knees as much as possible to get them to bend.  Then we are on a cancellation/call for the Botox shots so we can get in sooner than our appointment.   
Selah also got fitted for a different kind of hand brace.  She tends to clutch her hands and bring her thumbs in too tight which can also end up hurting her in the long run. 
Here's a sweet picture of Selah asleep last night.  She looked so peaceful and relaxed. 

Please pray that the Druz Orphange will get the clearance to start on the well this week.  There is always so much red tape in Ukraine to get through.  They have someone to do it for them, just got to get all of the permits/permissions and they want to hurry.  Please pray that God will work a miracle and that they will get the signatures they need very quickly!!!!!


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