Friday, September 26, 2014

New Couches...and a story!

Today was just a day that can not be made up......

Some time ago I had decided our decade old living room furniture had to go.  I love my soft big cushioned blue couches (bought on clearance)  and the big soft rocker that I used to sleep with my baby Sam over my shoulder.  Now Sarah had claimed it for her own....  BUT a decade of Clantons...and the Clantons' little ones in diapers had brought those pieces of furniture to its knees!  There is not a spot on it that had not been peed, pooped or puked on.....All four pieces have been professionally cleaned several times, as well as cleaned by our own wet vac. 

Have you ever seen one of the news specials where they go into hotel rooms with a black light and all the germs light up?  Well we figure they'd condemn our furniture if they ever came to our house!

We had thought to give it to Habitat for Humanity for their thrift store, but since volunteering there, I was afraid they'd turn us away and we'd be shamed!  (Yes thrift stores have standards!)

Luckily for us, we know a few college students, one in particular that is in his first apartment so once his dad gets a day off, our loved furniture will be headed off to Tallahassee to be a part of this FSU college student's life.  College guys, don't mind a little pee, poop or puke it seems LOL!!!!  Until then, it is hanging out in our fellowship hall  ( a good thing about living near our church)

A few days ago one of my besties called me and told me she was rearranging her house and asked if we wanted her leather couches!   We had decided that we needed to buy leather so it could be cleaned easier so this made us really happy!  These couches were owned by my friend's sister, then my friend and now us....they are about 25 years old, but you could not tell it! 

So today we went to go get them.  On the way, I got a call, I looked up to see Steve was pulling into Chick Fil A's parking lot.  Well he tricked me into lunch LOL.  I figured he was going to work hard so it was his payment.  We finally got to my friend's house and had to visit a little bit out by the pool and see their new landscaping that my friend and her daughter have done.  Then with a look at the clouds, we thought we'd best get a move on!  Remember we live in Florida, where it rains just about every day.....

So let's just say those couches were not light.  They were quite awkward to move.  The smaller one fit inside the van and the bigger one went on the trailer.  Then it had to be strapped down.  By this point, I was sweating like a pig!  I already had junky clothes on this morning when I did my hair, my curling blow dryer basically died on me, so my hair was flat as it could be.  I just looked gorgeous.....LOL 

I call this beautiful picture "The Florida Hillbillies" 

Here Steve is quite proud of his hard work!  He did a great job, I was pretty amazed how he could pack things and work all the straps.  I couldn't even figure out how to thread the straps. 


So after we got packed, off we went.  Remember it rains in Florida....every day.....  so we were planning our route home.  We got all the way to the next town over, and saw a wall of water down the road.  LUCKILY we were right by the mall that has a covered garage!  We got in just as the first rain drops fell!   Well you know me, I don't want to waste time, so I thought I would go shopping.

That shopping trip might not have been the best decision!  I had to get wet running into the store, so by that time, I was really looking "movie start gorgeous" NOT!  I've been looking for the "right" shirt to go with a pair of brown capris for weeks.  So I started looking around and found a few to try on.  As I am walking back to try them on, I could tell a store clerk was eyeing me suspiciously, I looked rough.  Steve was cracking up.    Anyhow nothing fit right or was too "see through"  (what is up with the see through look?  So over it!)   By then the rain had stopped so we went back to the van,

So we are driving, not a drop of rain but Jon said it was raining at home.  We mentally planned our trip so we could seek shelter under a gas station awning if needed.  We finally passed the last gas station about 4 miles from home , it was still drizzling at home but it looked like it was clearing.  We got home to just the slightest misty rain and hurried in with the big couch.  It was not easy to get it in the door and we had to sit it down and take the legs off it.   In the process, I broke off a nail, beyond deeply, blood was pouring off my hand but I hardly felt it till we got the couch in....then I noticed!   OW!   Finally we got it inside and wiped it down and it was as good as new. 

Sarah couldn't wait to climb on it, we'd moved out our old furniture yesterday and just had a bean bag on the floor and she didn't like that!  As you can see, she liked it! can see how relaxed she is:)

Well in all the craziness, Shad got left at school!  No we knew he was there but there was no way we could pick him up, we didn't have room and Jon couldn't leave the little ones, nor could they ride in the old van, the seats are out so .....first he stayed with his teacher till she had to leave, then he went to the Aftercare program, where he played and played and came home with a dirty face LOL  Jon went and got him after we got the couches in. 

Shad got rewarded....

my friend's daughter gave him a game system and some games she was not using.  When I handed it to him, I actually thought he would pass out from excitement.  He was in awe!  I guess it is a system that he'd wanted but never imagined he'd get!  LOL  I HATE video games but the boys loved them.  He is walking on cloud 9 tonight! 

At school today they had "water day" and I let him participate even though he had been on restriction.  The last week, he has done really good and he is earning back privilege.  He was not going to ask me about participating in water day, he thought he'd have to spend the day inside but last night, I surprised him.  It's such a fine line to teach a child responsibility and doing the right thing but also trying to teach them Grace too.  He and I had a really good heart to heart talk last night and I felt really good about letting him earn back some privileges. 

Anyhow that was our big day!  Jon went and bought me "Killing Patton" by Bill O'Reily that I can't wait to read, sitting on our new couch!   I have liked all his books (except I didn't read "Killing Jesus" and I love WWII history and I liked Patton.   I've been buying a lot of books lately, working at a thrift store is dangerous:)  The whole "Little House on the Prairie"  set was there last week and I got them.  I hadn't read them in a long time, boy they should be required reading for children now!   The books are filled with common sense, bible verses, self control, and examples of bad children who got SPANKED LOL!   I never cared for the TV series "Little House on the Prairie" it always seemed too sad for me, but the books are so good!   I love reading!!!!   I thought about writing a blog about the "Little House" books! 

Well hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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  1. I always kept my Little House books in case I wanted to "go off the grid," so many tips on living off the land, but now they're worn out and gone. I need a new set, too! (and agree about the show)
    Love your blog, just forget to say so :-)