Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts on 9/11


Hopefully you can see the pictures above of our dog, Brownie.  She is the ONLY chocolate Lab in the world that absolutely hates water!  She will walk around a puddle.  Once a friend kept her for us and he threw a ball (she loves balls) into his small lake & he ended up having to go get it himself LOL!   She is an outside dog and a wonderful dog in every way but that & she has always peed on herself some.  We've had her looked at, have no real reason but even when she was younger she'd pee a lot.  So she hates water and pees.....she smells horrible sometimes.  So yesterday after I'd conquered my 75 mile walking goal, I thought it was time to give her a bath before I took one.  I got the soap, water hose and VINAGAR ready.   Then I tricked her a bit with the ball & got her in position.  She is still close to 100 pounds so I have to get her in place before I sit on her.  It's not really a job to do by yourself but Steve was in the house with the little ones.   We fought and fought, both of my shoes got knocked off and all of a sudden I could tell my shorts were caught on something.  If I let go of her she'd run and I'd never finish BUT if I didn't get my shorts up......   BTW my shorts are "special running shorts"  which means they have built in underwear....AND it was ALL coming off of me!  

Somehow I managed to get them up and finish giving her a bath without disgracing the family.  It's a good thing we live out in the country!  I finished her off with a rinse of vinegar which is supposed to keep her cleaner, I don't know about that but she smells like a "salt & vinegar" chip now!   Today she got her flea meds and heartworm meds.  I'm done with that for awhile!  Anyhow I thought you'd get a good laugh at this story.  I surely did ONCE I was done!

I love this picture of Jon & me back in the 90's.  We were on Liberty Island and got this great picture of the Twin Towers in the background.  Living in NYC, the towers were what I looked for when I'd come out of the subways, I could get my bearings, knowing they'd be to the south.  They were such a symbol of NYC.....9/11 was such an awful day for this country, we can never forget the men & women who died that day in NYC, DC & in a field in Pennsylvania.....such stories.....

Today I kept Shad home from school.  We are not afraid of life but we are cautious enough to have some plans.  Last night we were discussing our family's plans in case of some nationwide emergency.  As we talked longer, I just decided to keep Shad home.  He is basically a year ahead and had his books with him anyhow so he could work from home.  We do have some things in place for our family should something serious ever happen whether natural or man made.    I grew up in a family that was very self sufficient.  Our family basically grew probably 99% of their foods/meats.  We'd have a hog killing every few months, cane grinding (cane sugar and syrup)  all the men hunted and fished.  There were few things that had to be bought from the store.  My aunt & uncle, as well as their siblings  had lived through WWI, the Great Depression & WWII, those folks knew how to survive.  So that training is in me. 

The big eye opener for me was the summer of 2004.  We were hit directly by three hurricanes and I was really only prepared for the second one.  The first one totally caught us off guard.  Sam was a few months old & we were in the middle of moving, rough time!   The second one, we were in our new home at the prison and somewhat prepared.  The third one came out of no where, I hadn't been paying attention to the news and we were totally unprepared and were without electricity, phone for over a week!  We were stuck in Polk City the small town we lived on the outskirts of for several days as trees were down on the roads.  There were no working gas stations in town, no way to get gas, food or money out.  It was UNREAL to stand in line for ice & water!!!!!!!!     I do not ever want to be in that situation again!  With a hurricane, there is often time to prepare (although I was not very prepared at all)  but in many other situations, there is little time to prepare. 

I hope we are spared any hard times but I'd advise everyone to at least follow the government's guidelines to have food, water, supplies, meds, stocked up and to have a family plan. 

Someone quoted a bible verse to me last night on FB about not worrying.  I said in response that I'm going to be prepared and if someone else isn't don't come looking for something from me LOL.   The bible has several stories of God telling people to prepare for coming calamites, it also speaks in Proverbs several times about being prepared.

I think the older generation had been through things and they knew the value of being self sufficient.  I think that is something we younger folks need to learn, and not expect someone like the government to be there to save us.  We are not as prepared as we should be for such a large family but I want my kids to know how to do basic things like gardening, self defense, & common sense.   This is something we've been working on for a few years now.

One thing we did was put in a working hand pump well.  Since we are out in the country, we have a deep well.  The big pump will only work with electricity.  So we put in the hand pump so we can have water no matter what.  That was one thing we learned from our hurricane experience.   It relieves my mind to know we'd have water.  (that was probably what really made me adamant to fund the well for orphans!!!) 

There are a lot of things people can do to make themselves more self reliant.  There are common sense things people can do also.  I encourage you to think how you can be more self sufficient. 

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