Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Walk in the Woods!

Here is one of the dogs that has decided to live at our new house.  She is a sweet black Lab mix.  We'd bring her home with us but our old dog Brownie gets too upset with other dogs.  We may end up trying to bring her home if we can't find a home for her.  There is also a male liver & white pit bull that stays with her.  He is shy but one of the workers said the dog growled at him.  We have put out food for them.  Yesterday when we drove up, the dogs were INSIDE the fence, sleeping on the slab of the house LOL.  We just started laughing.  It would seem we've been adopted by them!
So if anyone wants a black lab OR the Pit, get in touch with me  you will have to have a background check by me if I don't know you!  LOL

We had a great walk out in the Upper Hillsborough River Basin yesterday afternoon before Steve went off with his friends.


Me and my mountain man!  Sometimes Jon takes some goofy pictures!

Nature lesson
3 turtles/gopher turtles and a few deer
didn't get a picture of the deer

I have my Ukraine/Poland shirt on from the soccer match in 2012.  We saw the stadiums where they would play in the summer of 2012.  the stadium in Donetsk was recently attacked and portions were destroyed

Here are the kids,  Sarah actually wore Jon's hat for awhile
I LOVE Pine trees!!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend~!  It's absolutely beautiful weather here in Florida, the kind of weather that causes people to move to Florida LOL Then once we get them, we hit them with 100 degree temps with 100% humidity!!!!!

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