Monday, October 6, 2014

Domestic Adoption Opportunity

Domestic Adoption Opportunity!!!

I was contacted today by a friend about a baby here in Florida who is up for adoption.  He is a healthy bi racial newborn boy and his mom wants him raised by a Pentecostal family.  If you are interested please contact      or by  phone 330-398-0186.   Please say you found out about the baby from my blog.  I'd love to hear that:)

Fees are estimated 24-26k everything included. Don't freak over the fees, their are grants and even more than that God can do miracles in the situation.  I spoke to the director of the agency and she has a heart for adoption.   If you are interested, you do not have to live in Florida.
Please share and forward this as the birth mother wants to complete the adoption asap!


We are also helping out Druz Orphanage  again.  As I shared before it was a full orphanage AND THEN two other orphanages had to evacuate to safety there, so they are full.  Many of the new children are sleeping on the floor.  I showed many pictures in this post   things were not so critical during the hot summer but Ukraine has very cold winters and these special needs children need to be off the floor.   They need at least 55 cots with mattresses.   The need is almost $100 per bed. 

You can give directly to L2O
Life2Orphans, Inc6326 E. Sandra Terrace
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254  or you can give on line!

You can also give through our church
Grace Church

7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540

but it is quicker to give directly to L2O

Please pray for their well situation, the money is there for it but they've had an issue with the company that was going to do the well and in getting a signature.  The funds are being held until the situation is resolved.  Hopefully that will be soon!!!!!!!!  Please pray!  It is seems close to being resolved so pray that it will be soon!

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