Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Where has Yvonne been???   Celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary:)  I fought temptation and did not take my laptop with me and since being home we have just had a crazy busy time!

For the first time in 16 years, Jon and I went on a short vacation-JUST the two of us!  We went to St Pete beach and had a great time.  It was a little odd not to have any child with us...but we had a really nice time. 

These are HAPPY feet!
the beach just makes me HAPPY! 
I'm a beach girl!

We walked down the beach and  ate lunch Friday at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel

But we stayed at a much economical hotel!  

this was our room.  

I'd recommend it, comfy bed, good shower and right on the beach -it fits my criteria!  

After lunch we swam all afternoon.  Usually when I'm at the beach, I'm holding kids, watching kids etc...  I swam so much that I was aching by the time I went to bed!  I had to take some advil:) 



We watched the sunset

this is the back of the hotel

We just stayed one night and then came home on Saturday.  I have to admit, I was glad to see my little people, all my kids but my little people were glad to see me!  I had planned on surprising Jon with a DVD set to music for our actual anniversary on the 12th (Sunday) so I had scanned all the pictures and given the disc to my friend, she then put it to music for us.  She sent it to me via FB and we had to figure out how to download it so we could play it at church Sunday.  That involved going to Staples and one of the guys there helping me!  I was able to download it to my computer after much work but could never get it off my laptop.  Luckily we were able to connect the laptop to the church's system to play it Sunday morning.  I really wish I could down load it to the blog.  Maybe one of the boys in our church can figure it out, we have a genius, who is only 15 who has more common sense than most 50 year olds:)   No one else has been able to figure out how to do it, it really got complicated!   Anyhow our pictures are set to the music "Still the One" by Orleans and the other song "Still the One" by Shania Twain - totally separate songs but meaningful to us!  Everyone had some good laughs at some of my hairdo's....I took BIG hair to some extremes at times in the early 90's!

So anyhow we get that all squared away, as well as getting clothes out for Sunday....the nurse calls me to tell me something had happened to Selah's elbow.....   the nurse was changing her out of her day clothes into her nightgown and she started crying.   Her elbow was a little red and sore.  So we called the ambulance, not wanting to try and move her ourselves if something was broken.  The ambulance crew was wonderful, we went to the local hospital HOPING they would allow her to be seen there (sometimes the smaller hospitals don't want to deal with a complicated case)  But since this was just an x-ray, they worked with us, did the x-ray.  First they told us that there was no fracture or break, but then someone thought there could be a tiny bit of bone that was off the elbow.  I could see it in the picture but they couldn't tell if that was new or old.  By that time, she didn't seem bothered by the arm/elbow, there was no redness, swelling  or problems.  To be on the safe side, they put her in a sling and we will see her orthopedic doctor next week.  I talked to him today and he wasn't worried since she does not seem to be in pain, even if it is a small fracture, this sling is all he would do for it. 

Then we all watched Jurassic Park III & dream of dinosaurs LOL!  

Sunday morning we get up early, I rushed Jon out of the house so I could run to the store and pick up the cake and food for our party.  (it was also a surprise for him)    Get to the van, and it's DEAD!  Luckily I was able to borrow the nurse's brand new sports car-so hard to do LOL and was got everything, arranged it in the Fellowship  Hall and got everyone ready....WHEW!

Our cake!

we cut it
NO we did not feed each other LOL

   I should have taken more pictures some of our folks had already gone and all the food was gone LOL
After everyone left, Jon and I went out to see the work on the house, he hadn't been out since the foundation was put in. 

This is the foundation for the car port and the storage room to the right.  

 I'm standing in what will be the kitchen & Jon is standing in what will be our room

the big part in front is the front porch

this is taken from the back of the property....see the Pine Trees?  I LOVE Pines!  And well I should since I come from the Pine Tree Capital of the South!

We'll be doing some cleaning out!

Love this big tall Pine.
Even like the Pine needles on the ground!

Today Shad had COLUMBUS DAY off.  He finished up the cake from our little party.  This picture was NOT staged which is what made it so funny!

And whether it is PC or not, YEAH for good old Christopher Columbus, when I was a child, he was respected.  Now it's all about being politically correct.  I saw "phooey" on that!
So that's been our Wedding Anniversary weekend.
I have to finish this blog by saying how very blessed I have been these last 25 years.  Believe me, we had NO idea all that was before us when we said "I do"!  Many people would look at our life and think we've had a hard/sad life.  Yes there have been hard times.....but we've learned to trust God and each other.  But really most of it has been good times, the good times, have taken the edge off of the harder times.  We've certainly have grown in our faith in ways we could have never imagined back 25 years ago, done things that weren't even things we could not even comprehend back then- on our wedding day, we would have never dreamed we would have a son from China or two daughters from Ukraine......  We would have never imagined having a son born blind, or almost losing a daughter in a near drowning....or losing the twins.....
BUT we also could not have imagined all the blessings and joys we would have either! Those blessings and joys have far out weighed those hard times.
Jon is a wonderful man to be married to, he is real, what you see in public is what you see in private.  He loves our kids 100%.  He is committed to them and to me. 
When we eloped after only knowing each other a month.....people thought we'd lost our minds.  Many people thought we'd never make it, some said it to our faces, some behind our backs....but we're still here.  We've had some rough times, times but God brought us through!  I've found it's not the fancy wedding, big gifts, all the proper steps, the big house etc that makes a MARRIAGE....marriage is made daily-it's walked out daily......   A marriage is more than a wedding.....


  1. Happy Anniversary! Great photos of the beach!
    So glad the house is coming along too.

  2. Congrats on your 25th!!! I know I'm not supposed to be jealous but those pics of St. Pete are just gorgeous and make me want to be there!! So happy you had a great little time away. I would also love to just shove my face into the cake! LOL! Praying for Selah's little elbow - that it was just something minor and that she won't have any more pain. It's so much fun to see the progress on the house! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Wow!! This place looks so unique and even you guys also look very beautiful. You know, I am also planning to celebrate my wedding vow in this year. And I want to book this type of location for vows. Can you share contact details of this venue?