Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy 19th Birthday to Steve!  How in the world did 19 years go by so fast????  It seems like he should be about 10 or so....NOT 19!   I've enjoyed each and every day-month- year with him.  from the day he was born, till today, he has brought us so much happiness.  As a young mom, I'd have people tell me "oh just wait  till he is ......(terrible two, in school, a teenager....etc....) then it will be HARD!   But you know what,  I've enjoyed each and every passage of his life.  Of course he is NOT perfect but the thing I love about Steve is he is quick to let go of anger and ask for forgiveness if he needs to do so.  We've always had a close relationship and I'm thankful for that as he grows older and faces new things.  He's done well in college thus far, but does not think he wants to get a BA.  He really wants to apply at the prison now that he is 19 years old and can be considered for a job.   We are fine with whatever he does, although I do hope he goes at least one more semester so he has the first year done, if he ever wants to go back.  But it is up to him at this point, we just support him which ever way he goes.  Both have drawbacks and both have positives.

I cooked a big lunch for him when he got home from school and made brownies too!  We went out as a family yesterday since Jon is teaching a class in Riverview tonight.  Steve has his party scheduled for this weekend:)  So he is happy.

Today during church band practice, me and my friend put together the Christmas play for our church.  It is going to be simple and sweet.  All of my kids (except Steve LOL) will be in it.  Years ago SOMEWHERE I saw the sweetest play.  I can not remember where I saw it done but I've always wanted to do it.

It's very basic, the children will act out the Christmas story as Jon reads it.  We will stop at various points and as a congregation we will sing corresponding Christmas carols.  I will tell you that Selah will be an angel:) It is going to be lovely and yet simple.  (to me simple is LOVELY!)  Also our band will be playing some songs.  I'm really excited to do this.  I'm also very happy that we won't have to do much practicing!!! 

It's a beautiful day here in Florida- the kind of day that makes up for the long, very hot days of summer.  Hope you all have had a good start to your week!!

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