Monday, October 20, 2014

Life is short!

So to set a record....Jon and I went by ourselves to a conference this week in Orlando!  This is what greeted us when we drove up to the resort.....Gosh we could have just stayed home and visited some relatives to see this....LOL JUST KIDDING FAMILY!

Then the gorgeous view of I-4 from our room......

the "Upside Down House" from a distance

At least the garden is nice.

it's a conference Jon has to attend.  I have to say it is a step up from the last one we went to about 8 years ago.  That one was held in a dusty old church conference camp.  It was in February and I was freezing the whole time.  I had all the kids with me all day in the little dirty room.  I was TICKED off to say the least.  I'm not sure if I'm over that trip yet! 
I don't do conference very good.  I'm not a "rah rah" person who wants to be a part of the big group.  I'm the one sitting in the back rolling my eyes out of my head.  So...we don't do many conferences.  I came this time for Jon's sake, for some reason he likes to go alone with no kids LOL.  I'm not required or even wanted at any of the meetings and that is good for me!
When we first got here (after I finished laughing at the toilet) I really thought about going home for the kids. They would enjoy this place.   A few weekends ago was the first time we'd gone anywhere without them for over 16 years.  So this makes TWO times in one month.  The anniversary trip was ok for me, since I felt like it was good for us.  This trip is also good for us and is relaxing for me but I feel guilty even tho we'll only be gone for a little over 48 hours from the kids. 
It's the hardest for me to leave Sarah, she is a "mama's girl" and gets upset if she doesn't have me!  Can I admit that makes me happy:)   But since she doesn't understand when I'm not there, it's hard for me to leave her.  Steve promised me he'd put her next to him the WHOLE time he watches tv....she should be ok!  But somedays if I'm busy and don't' sit with her during the day, she calls out for me with a little noise that has a question mark sound on the end.  She doesn't say "Mama" -she uses that for me sometimes when I hold her- but it's a sound like "where's my mama?" and when she does that, I drop whatever I'm doing and hold her for a little bit.  Sarah is such an easy child, and asks so little that I really try and meet her emotional needs when she shares them.   So it's hard for me to be away from her!  Obviously Steve and Shad are good to go and probably like it a bit too much and Sam is happy as long as he has Steve....and FOOD!  I bought  enough food to survive a Zombie Apocalypse! 
Today as I was walking about, waiting on some take out (all by myself) I checked FB and say that a ministry friend who just lost her husband to cancer, now has lost her son.  She had posted a beautiful picture of her husband embracing their son at some airport.  It was heartbreaking beautiful ....and in the caption she wrote how Steve her husband was welcoming their son home.   I can not even imagine how close heaven is to her today....  Please pray for the Hill family.  They have been faithful to God in ministry for many years.  They will continue to be faithful, of that I have no doubt but please pray for God's grace.
After reading that, it impacted me in several ways.  One thing I thought of is how short life is and how long eternity is....   Life seems so chaotic right now in so many ways, it's easy to forget that we are only passing through.....  Secondly I thought how so many times it is easy to look at a family, a couple, a ministry and think "boy I wish I was where they are".....Just remember, everyone has mountains and valleys.   Don't wish to be in anyone else's shoes, as you do not know what the future holds for them and what God will require them to walk through.   Third, I though "I hope our children are prepared to meet God" 
Yesterday our friend preached & his three points ( I LOVE 3 point sermons) were
No Reserves
No Retreats
No Regrets! 
That's how I want to live my life
no reserves (nothing but GOD to fall back on)
No retreats-not going back
NO regrets!
He said there was a study done with a group of elderly folks and the one thing they wished they could change about their lives were that they did not take enough risks!  I want to be a risk taker for God.  Life is short.....


  1. What a sweetie your oldest son is, to take care of the littles for you!

    1. He is BUT I do OWE him big time now! He has his weekend PLANNED out!