Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My two cents and more

You know I think the world has gone absolutely crazy.....no common sense anywhere.....

I've resisted writing about Ebola....Honestly I'm much more afraid of the "new virus" that is going around than I am of Ebola but it could become very serious as we live in a global community.

I was not in agreement to bring patients to the US for treatment.  That sounds harsh but when we adopted Shad, the swine flu was really BIG.  I was told if he or myself had a fever, we would not be allowed to return to the US on a plane.  I went KNOWING I was taking a chance....  So I've faced a similar type situation in my own life.  The flu was scary, almost everyone in China was wearing face masks in public, it was serious.   I made a commitment knowing what lay at stake.  Surely a doctor/nurse understands it even more.

Personally I have no problems with limiting travel to and from the affected countries.  Quarantines work....take it from a mom that separates kids as soon as one shows any signs of contagious illness.  Quarantines have been used successfully for years in various situations.

And if someone comes back from an affected country, I have no problem with that person being quarantined for 21 days.  I LOVE medical missions and organizations like "Doctors without Borders"  I applaud all that they do but just as they are working to save lives overseas in an exciting and romantic way.....they also need to work to protect lives here just in case of transmission.    We certainly know there can be transmissions, the last statistic I heard was that over 200 people working  as health care workers have died in Africa. 

I have no sympathy for whiners....and I feel like I hear it too much on tv.  This nurse who was quarantined  in NJ is the biggest whiner of them all.  Grant it I have no idea WHY she was put in a tent, all that sounded a bit nutty BUT come one, she just got back from Africa, surely she put up with some inconvenience there????  I've never traveled to a foreign country (except Canada LOL) where I didn't face some inconveniences.  Now I'm not saying put the folks in tents BUT what is wrong with them being quarantined for the nation's safety?   If a person choses to do something where there is danger of catching some disease, they must realize that the USA should err on the side of caution. 

It was widely reported she had a fever when she returned.  Then I heard her explanation of why she had a fever...she said it was because she got upset...  Oh my, I'd have a fever of 104 degrees some days if I were like that!!!!  LOL   Now someone said, she never had a fever....who knows....

Anyhow, lets use some common sense, let's do good for others, but at the same time be careful for our own country.  At least the army has gotten it right on their own......

And don't get me started on the "Ebola Czar"  LOL.....  And why do we need Czars in America?????

Just my two cents...


  1. As an RN, I take offense that you think we don't have rights to the best treatment available in the world when "we" (nurses and doctors) become ill with a life threatening illness in the midst of risking our lives to treat and care for patients who have Ebola (and any other life threatening illness). We are not going overseas for the romance and excitement of it...really? How romantic and exciting is it working in West Africa watching the people you are giving medical care to die...in extraordinary circumstances, in 100 degree temps, suited up with very limited medical supplies available...i.e. no ventilators, no modern medical equipment, just tents and people and babies dying one after the other. Dr. Brantly and the others working tirelessly over in West Africa to try and save lives most certainly would have lost their own lives without being treated and taken care of in their OWN country with modern medicine. They deserve the utmost respect and dignity for what they are trying to do. The nurse was not "whining", would you want to be put in a tent for 21 days with no medical basis in which to do so? She has rights too. She is not an animal and Gov. Christie is not Dr. Christie, nor did he attend medical school, so he needs to keep his stupidity on how to handle Ebola exposed healthcare workers to himself. Maybe you need to walk in their shoes...go to West Africa, experience what is going on and what they do and then maybe people would be compassionate and show respect to all of those battling this horrible disease on the frontlines.

    1. Boohoo....are you watching this wonderful woman on the news??? She is quite the whining brat. she needs to be put in jail for her rebellious behavior! BTW do you know reports say she worked for the CDC and now her attorney is a White House attorney? AND by the way, Gov Christie is not a doctor....neither is the Ebola Czar....BUT Christie is doing what MOST people in his state and throughout the nation WANT!

      I'd love to know just exactly WHAT and for how long this "wonderful" nurse worked in Africa, I'm not impressed at all with her behavior. I don't care what she did in Africa (although I have a feeling she didn't do much) even if she saved 100 lives, she is loses it all by acting like she is acting now.

    2. She is NOT sick! She cannot transmit (that means to give) an illness to someone that she does not have!!! She is self monitoring just like all of the other individuals that have come back from West Africa. Why does she "need to be put in jail for her rebellious behavior?" She is not under court ordered quarantine right now, so what law is she breaking? Let's arrest everyone who has "rebellious behavior" then. Gov. Christie is basing his actions on earning votes and doing what he thinks the people want and fear, not based on medical/scientific facts He is not qualified to make medical decisions. Do you want Gov. Christie making medical decisions regarding your own health? He is not qualified to make those decisions, he is not a physician, nurse or anything to do in the medical field. How many people from Mr. Duncan's family contacts contracted Ebola??? That would be ZERO!. How many contacts of the 2 nurses taking care of Mr. Duncan have contracted Ebola? Zero! Influenza (the "flu" in layman's terms) will kill more people in this country than the Ebola cases combined. Does everyone get a flu shot to try to prevent this? No, they don't. Just because you are EXPOSED to an illness does not mean you have it! You can be exposed to the influenza virus at the grocery store or at a restaurant where the waiter sneezes (transmitted through airborne method--droplets) and then he may wipe his nose with his hand (with secretions on it) and then handle your plate of food and set it on the table and expose you to influenza, but it still does not mean you have influenza, so I guess you would need to be quarantined in order not to give others influenza (they could potentially die from influenza) even though you don't have it...makes no sense! Calling the nurse a whining brat is at best immature. Expressing your point and concern is one thing, but calling people derogatory names is not necessary and you have no idea what she did in Africa taking care of Ebola patients, how do you know she "didn't do much?" Who cares if she works for the CDC, Samaritans Purse or whatever organization and who her attorney is makes no difference, so who cares? All of a sudden non medically educated individuals think they are qualified to make medical decisions when they are not qualified to. Fear is understandable, but being irrational is not. Of course no one wants to see anyone contract Ebola, just the contrary and it is scary to think about, but bashing other people is not the way to express fear of the unknown. I am hoping this RN stays healthy and all of those who return after her back to this country from West Africa.

    3. What you do not seem to understand is she may not be sick now.....but maybe come sick BUT what is really at stake is we need anyone who has been in contact with Ebola patients to follow certain guidelines. SHE may not ever get sick but the next person who comes back might be the one to get sick and spread the disease.

      She is being very disrespectful and rebellious not to follow the guidelines set down by the government. Who is she that she can just do her own thing???? IF she is allowed to do what she thinks is best, then the next person who may infect others will also do what he/she thinks is best and it might not be.

      Whatever good she did in Africa is certainly outweighed by her actions now.