Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NO on amendment 2!!!

Listen I could get used to living in a hotel!   Nothing sooths my soul like QUIET!  I don't indulge in it very often as I have too many people needing me all of the time but I LOVE being alone.  Jon got out of his seminar early and I guess I offended him when he walked in so he got changed and went for a jog LOL  I have missed being ALONE for a long time.  And take out has become my friend! 

There were things I worked on today.....
We have some friends in Ukraine who are interested in emigrating to the USA.  They pastored a Pentecostal church.  I have made probably a billizion phone calls today, leaving messages on various numbers...  If YOU have ANY contacts with Ukrainian Pentecostal churches in the USA would you please contact me at theclanton5@aol.com    Thank you!!!

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/21/ukrainian-girl-in-lucky-escape-as-shelling-hits-donbass-arena-_n_6021738.html  I saw this article today of damage done to the soccer stadium in Donetsk.  We drove by their several times and by coincidence I am wearing my 2012 Championship Tshirt today .... how odd is that?

I was going to save this for closer to the election but......NO on amendment 2!!! 


This is a rant from John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan-a law firm.  He is the Chairman of the "Yes on 2" the amendment to legalize "medical" marijuana use in Florida.  He had just finished a debate with Grady Judd the sheriff of Polk county.  THIS is the man who wants us to have "medical marijuana"  Does it look like it is aimed at sick folks????   Does it look like they want to legalize it so that the dying can have some relief?????  No, of course not.  That is not what legalizing pot is about.  BTW if I ever have an automobile accident I will not be calling Morgan & Morgan....

So if you are wondering how we will vote on Amendment 2 on election day....it will be NO!!!!!

For way too many years Jon and I have worked with people who took that very first step into drug use by smoking pot.  I do not believe I've ever met a cocaine, heroin, meth or any other kind of drug user who did not FIRST start with pot (and usually alcohol too) Now I think I have the authority to say that marijuana is NOT something to be used lightly.  I know all the sob stories and how it "might" help someone.  It might help a dying person but .....watch the video....not too many dying folks on it (actually they are but don't know or understand it)    That's the folks who will use it.  And the way the amendment is written, it is very very lax.  Not good for Florida!

this little girl is a waiting child with several grants on her.  please contact them if interested!!!!!

Well tomorrow we are back to our reality!  No one cleaning the bathroom and making our beds!  LOL

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