Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Papua New Guinea Mission Bill & Lori Smith

I have to introduce you to this ministry I've just learned about.  A few days ago I was sent an email to see if I could help the missionaries bring a sick newborn into the country.  There was nothing I could do that they hadn't tried and more but I started learning about their ministry there in Papua New Guinea.  Bill & Lori Smith work in a medical clinic, run a bible school, do ministry all over the area, preaching and teaching. 

Right now they are trying to help a baby girl born with a huge tumor growth on her hips that may become cancerous if not removed.  They've been unable to get her to the USA for surgery and have yet to be able to have the surgery there in New Guinea. 

Read about their ministry here : 

this is her personal blog and it tells the baby's story

They are trying to raise money to have the surgery for the baby......

When I read about folks like's like a balm to my heart.  People out there, giving their lives for ministry.  Guarantee  you they aren't worried about a $40,000 chandelier!(read last blog/rant)    Probably most of the time they don't even have electricity!   If you want to give to some ministry that is making a direct impact on people everyday.....this one seems to be a GREAT place to do it!!!

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