Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Past or Future?

Well my last post before heading home to my kids!   To be quite honest, I have had a whole lot better time than I thought I would!  Don't get me wrong, I like spending time with my husband but it is hard for me to be away from the kids.  However I seem to have gotten over that!  I'm thinking it probably won't take me 16 years to go alone to another conference or vacation!  It helps that I trust Steve and our nurses to care for the children.  Of course please know I OWE Steve and will OWE him forever & ever.....he already has his weekend (that he believes will start on Thursday) planned out!  And it includes my car and my debit card!  I can guarantee that we won't be seeing him much!!!!  LOL

Last night we went to a bookstore and I loaded up on mysteries!  I bought the new Rhys Bowen's "Heirs & Grace"  I love her books, funny, yet a little scary-set in the 1930s  England.  I also got "Tippy toe Murder" by Leslie Meier and a Carolyn Hart book "Dead by Midnight"  I like all three of the authors and have read all their books.  I couldn't believe there were one of each of them that I hadn't read!!!   After that we went to supper at Olive Garden.  Woohoo our wild night on the town:)

I also got a little something "Dr Who" for Steve who is a Dr Who fan.  I've started liking the show, I think it is the British accents that I like LOL!

If you had a time machine would you go forward into the future or back into the past???   I'd go back to the past.  I'd love to experience life during certain times in history.     From about the end of the civil war through 1960 is interesting to me.  Of course I'm a huge WWII buff so that whole time period is most interesting to me.  But I couldn't be like the people in Dr Who, I'd tried to change the past so everything would be perfect for everyone.  I'm too big of a fixer:)

The future is so unknown to me, well and to everyone else too for that matter.  But I have no desire to see the future.  Last night we passed a psychic store and were talking about that very thing.  Personally I do not want to know the future.  I'm good with going day by day! 

Well I do know my near future will consist of many baby hugs:)  I foresee that Sarah will want me to hold her and Sam will give me kisses!  Steve will run out the door and Shad will tell us a blow by blow description of all that happened (told in the best light possible!) 

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