Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pictures Galore!

Pictures Galore! 
Still trying to find a home for the dogs!  Here is the black Lab, she is so sweet. We went out to feed her tonight and she cared more about being loved on than the food!  We'd love to keep her but.....our old Lab could not handle it.

Here is her friend the pit bull.  Steve petted him tonight- that scared me.  The dog wagged his tail when he saw us.  He's never acted mean around us, just scared but one of the workers said the dog had growled at him but the worker might have scared the dog.  Still he is a pit.    I love all kinds of animals but realize I don't know how this dog has been raised/abused.  I'm not going to take a chance with it around my little kids.  But maybe someone would like to adopt him and show him love.
this picture was so cute of Steve and  Sarah last night

This is Sam with Sarah's personalized bear.  Sam has a green boy bear.  He likes Sarah's is Sarah's!  LOL

Our nurse gave Selah a shower and then tried curlers on her hair.  Selah did not like the one next to her eye. I had to keep moving it away from her eye or she'd give me a frown.
the hair style looked good, can't see most of it from this view


This is one of Steve's birthday presents, it is a large canvas picture of Times Square in NYC.  The funny thing about it is in the middle, you can see the McDonald's sign.  That is the McDonalds Jon and I ate at one day then later I got horribly sick....I was SURE I had food poisoning and even called and complained to the manager.  He told me that no one else had complained about food poisoning symptoms, well I guess not!  Turns out the suspected case of food poisoning is now 19 years old LOL!!!!! 

Well I had a picture of everyone but Shad....didn't have any new ones on my phone of him but he is doing great and is already half way through his sixth grade work  (remember he is only in fifth grade!) 

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