Friday, October 31, 2014

Really boring post except for some good pictures:)

some days I have problems coming up with a post and with a title....I thought this title says it all!  LOL

Well Steve and I went shopping for his birthday party that will be tomorrow night and came rushing home just in time for him and Shad to leave to go meet friends for a football game and trick or treating.  For the first time in my life as a mom I did not get a picture of my kids!  Shad couldn't find any of his costumes so he went as a hunter with his small bow He said he'd leave the arrows at home LOL~ we were so busy getting them out the door that I forgot to take a picture!

Yes we go "trick or treating".  Jon and I figured that we both did while growing up and neither of us are devil worshippers now......   Some years we have gone to "Fall Festivals" which is the same thing as celebrating Halloween-it just has a "Christian" name on it.  It's not a big deal to us either way. Last year we went to a costume party which was lots of fun. Jon and I even dressed up:)

These are from last year....

Red Riding Hood without her hood.  I liked this because it looks Ukrainian

Batman took out the little Indian who was getting upset

The Green Hornet and Wonder Woman!
Shad and some friends.  He was a Star Wars guy

Indian and Star Wars

Today has just been a busy day.  We interviewed and oriented a new nurse who will be working on the weekends.  She seems great and I think she will fit in well around here. 

We are having really cool weather for us.  Living in Florida means anything under 70 degrees is WINTER!  The gossip is that Sunday morning it will be in the 40's!  But not to worry, we will be back in the 80's by next week.   That's just how it is here.  But I did rush to buy Sarah some new leggings, I had gone through her clothes and she no longer wears the same size she did last winter, she is up to a size 6 so everything else got given away!  Sam also got a couple of pairs of long pants :)  We live in shorts most of the time around here.

The boys went by to feed the dogs but the dogs were not there.  We are hoping someone took them home with them.  They went ahead and put out feed just in case they were running in the woods.  They did manage to tell us that they think the slab is on the complete floor of the house!  Neither were 100% sure...MEN!  Never notice details!   Hopefully the slab is down - that would mean the walls can go UP! 

Hope you all have a great start to your weekend!!!

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