Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Selah & Sam

Yesterday Selah had an unusually aware day.  She responded all day to us, tracking with her eyes.  When her brain trauma therapist came, Selah was able to track the lights almost every time.  It was so exciting to see her like that.  The therapist has some exercises for the nurses to do during the day.  We always hope for some changes.  However today she is not as responsive.  I cried today thinking of everything.....   I was telling our nurse more about her before the accident and the memories just hit me, the loss of never hearing her make her little funny noises or grab at my leg.....I miss all that could have been....

Over all she is doing absolutely great but it's hard to see her not as responsive as yesterday.   She has had a small problem with her heels.  Recently the brace company took her regular leg brace for some work and left her with her night braces which just have never fit right.  So one of the nurses noticed a red spot on each heel.  Thank God they caught it soon or she could have had a breakdown on her skin. 

Sam has learned something NEW, he can pick up his toys and put them away!!!!!!!!!!!   Steve takes credit for this, he said he taught him how to do it.  Sometimes Sam will get preoccupied with a toy in the midst of putting them away LOL  It's really cute to see him do this

He continues to do GREAT on his schedule.  He is very happy and relaxed.  Everyone can tell a difference in him. 

We had an interesting experience today with our indoor/outdoor cat.  She went out for a while, it was dark and rainy.  She came back to the door with sandspurs and weeds caught up in her hair, and she was puffed out.  We think something chased her in the woods, maybe whatever is taking the cats.....It took a while to get all the burrs out of her.  Whatever happened, it's kept her inside today!  She hasn't wanted to run out at all!

So the rains continue here in Florida.  I love rainy weather but this is starting to make me sleepy:)

Hope you all are having a great week!

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