Thursday, October 9, 2014

TBT and some new house pictures! Assisted Suicide discussion

  Got a lot on here today!
This is Steve holding Sam about 10 years ago. 
Here is Steve holding Sam last night!
Same PJ's
And Shad wore them too!!!
It seems Steve should be about that old....9 years old, sounds good to me!
Oh but he is almost 19....
Sam is 10 himself....
where does the time go???


We rode out to the house today.....the road looks like a "Children of the Corn" Road!


You can't tell in the picture but the grass if up on the road!

 the kids are standing by the south wall which will be our room, Sarah's and Sam's room
Because we will live in a very swampy area, close to a river, the foundation is being raised three feet.  So what they are doing is building the foundation, then will fill it with Sand, and then put a concrete slab on top.  Generally in Florida the concrete slab is put on the ground, not raised this much.  

they were pouring cement in the far side, we didn't go over in that area, didn't want to get in the guys' way. 
We are excited!!!!   It's just crazy to watch it go up:)
On to a more serious subject....
Have you heard about the young woman who has cancer and has decided to end her life on November 1?  I have compassion for her, as a pastor's wife, I've seen some hard deaths.  But I've also seen people go into amazing remissions.  I know of a minister who had only hours to live with melanoma cancer, hospice was there..... and he rallied and lived three more years.  What IF he had taken a suicide pill  before he got so bad off?  He would have missed three good years of life!   I know things like that don't always happen, but I think it comes down to a matter of trust...trusting God. 
Most deaths seem to be painful....unfortunately that is part of the curse that is over mankind.  a few weeks ago I started reading this pastor's wife/mom/ terminal cancer patient's blog.  She wrote the most beautiful blog regarding how she views "end of life". 
She stated what I feel, but in a way and with an authority I can not give at this time, since she knows she is at the same place as Brittney. 
Right now I have THREE friends with brain cancer.
An adoptive mom (who met us at the airport returning with the girls)
a dear church member
a son of a lady I used to work with
ALL three of them have had better outcomes thus far than predicated in the beginning.  All three have held onto God with all their hearts during this journey....All three inspire my faith. 
I'm against assisted suicide for many reasons, the biggest reason is it devalues life.......
I'm also concerned about the slippery slope that takes us on......  Having three disabled children, it is a scary place to be....will there come a time when the mindset of society is to "put to sleep" anyone who does not contribute to society?  It's happened in other countries, where the rate of euthanasia of special need kids has increased
I pray for Britney, that she finds peace with God.  When you can trust God to be with you even in the darkest situations, there is a peace that is incredible. 
I don't know how to phrase this....but in a terrible way, there can be some beauty in suffering.  Now I'm not advocating some odd religion here but be honest, most of you began reading my blog BECAUSE of the accident and what we were going through.  Why?  I think it's because we all can relate to heartache, my heartache might be different than your heartache but we all are going to have valleys in life and possibly MY story can help YOU through your valley. 
We also know that unless the Rapture happens, we all will face death one day. When I look at people who have courageously faced their death, it gives me COURAGE to know when my time comes, I can also trust God to walk with me "through the valley of the shadow of death"    That is what bothers me about assisted suicides.  That's not dying with grace, there is nothing brave about that.....and I also believe it can encourage others who may not have a terminal illness, to commit suicide, it seems to "glorify" suicide. 
I do not want to see anyone in pain.  I can't stand to see a bug in pain.....but doctors help out more now, and I know there is a balance because at some point a drug can depress the breathing.  However I do know there are many kinds of pain killers out there, and some help without hurting the patient. 
This blog has gone the gamut from happy pictures to a serious discussion but I wanted to put that blog up so you could read it and be encouraged that there is HOPE even with a terrible diagnosis. 

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  1. I am happy to hear your thoughts on this subject. I live in Oregon, and saddened by our euthanasia law. It is kept pretty low key, but I do know that people come to Oregon to end their lives on their own terms, not God's. I agree that sometime in the future we are going to have someone making "Life and treatment choices" for us, perhaps it will be tied to insurance. Life will become elective. Perhaps in her mind, this young woman thinks ending her life will be less messy, less painful, less expensive. It takes courage to live and die. It is getting a great deal of publicity and others will follow, that saddens me all the more.