Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Devil

Have you ever heard things like "I'm doing God's will and the devil is after me"?   I hear things like that ALL the time but I'm just not sure that is biblical.

In the adoption world, everyone says that they start their adoptions and THEN the devil comes after them, their family, their dog, their car their name it and the devil is after it.

We never had that experience or maybe we didn't assume the devil was after us..... when we were in the process of adopting Shad we had some really good things happen like Jon accepting the church, receiving grants for Shad's adoption and Sam getting cleared for Medicaid as a secondary insurance.  We also had some bad things, Sam was in the hospital ALOT and he was diagnosed as having some brain damage and we were told that he would be mentally retarded.  (yes I used the R word as a medical diagnosis-which does not bother me) I also had a terrible attack of colitis and was in the hospital for awhile-I thought I was dying!   So was the devil fighting us or was it just life happening around us???

With the girls' adoption we saw great financial miracles for their adoption but we did struggle with our own finances, Jon's car died....we made do with one van and then right before we left to go get them, someone blessed us with a brand new van!  Of course we had some drama in the paperwork and somethings that happened but all in all it worked out.....

THEN of course once we got home and three months later the accident happened.....   some have suggested to me that was the "devil's fault".  Well in the very broad sense I guess it was as death and disease came into this world through the fall of man in the garden, who listened to the devil......but in the real sense, it was just a horrible accident.  We don't feel like the devil pushed the stroller into the canal......Jon looked away for 4 seconds, probably one of the kids moved wondering what was going on....the stroller was an expensive jogging stroller that we saved to buy so we could take all the kids out with us everywhere (we had a single jogging stroller just like the double one)  and it moved very very easily.......anyhow in those 4 seconds ( the cops measured the time) the stroller went into the canal.  Things happen.....BUT the one thing I am so thankful for is God was always with us, even in those dire moments. 

So am I afraid of what the devil can do? 

I believe there is  a real literal devil with demons.....and a real hell..... 

But I believe much more strongly in a REAL God who sits on the throne, who sent His Son and his Holy Spirit.  I believe in angels (ok I do NOT believe in a lot of the silly tales of angels but I do believe in them) 

I do not know everything (I'm sure that statement is a shock to some who think that I think I know everything LOL)  but I do think that LIFE just happens in most cases. 

This is something that is often said in ministry circles too.  Or my "favorite" "When God starts to blessing, the devil starts to messing"  Of course you will have trouble in this world, Jesus promised that in one of his last statements.  We live in a fallen again it can go back to "original sin" When sin and death entered into the world through the fall of man, paradise was lost.  Bad things happen....all the time....

There are scriptures that seem to indicate that there is a war going the book of Daniel, Daniel wrote that he fasted and prayed for 21 days before his answer came.  When his answer came, along with an angel, the angel told him that he (the angel) was kept from coming to him as he was fighting the evil forces in that area.   Then in the New Testament, Paul reminds us we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in the air.  So obviously there are things going on that we do not see or know about.....but does that mean everything that happens bad to us if from the devil directly?

I have had some odd experiences.  To be honest, I do not share them much as I have no desire to glorify the devil or demons!

As a small child I "knew" about 8 or 9 years old, I'd hear my name being called as I played outside.  So I'd run to the back door and ask my aunt what she wanted.  It was never her that called me.  Over the years, I just shrugged it off. 

As I became a teenager, I would know more things.  I knew my uncle was going to die soon, even though no one knew he was sick.  While all that was going on, I was really reaching out to God.  Every service, I was at church....   

Things began to get worse as I got older.  There were times I'd wake up & "something" was times I was scratched by something, long claw marks on my neck one time....  (wasn't me- I always bit my nails back then)   We'd hear noises in our home, one time my aunt even called the police, believing someone had broken into our back porch because we heard yelling and pounding.  However when the police got there, nothing was disturbed.  There are numerous things that happened over a course of some years.

So I went to our pastor, he told me to put a bible next to my bed....well that didn't work.....things continued for awhile....    We got a new pastor and I shared all of this with him and he told me to
"take authority" over this demonic attack.  I did and it stopped!!!!!!

So that is my personal experience.  Honestly it doesn't quite fit my theology LOL....  but it is what happened to me.  I was not involved in any type of black magic or demonic things.  The only thing I can think of is, within my family there were some who practiced "white magic" 

Anyhow I asked God to take ALL of that from me, I didn't want anything in my life, including "knowing things" ahead of time.  He took it from me. 

So do I sound like I believe both ways now and am double minded ???

I guess I try to find balance in everything.....

It's interesting I wrote this yesterday while still at the conference......Last night I noticed our son had DVRed  a very demonic movie.  He is 18 and we are not as strict on him as we were when he was younger.  We feel he has to make some decisions and find his own values.  But I DID kid him and tell him if he brought any demons into our house and they woke me up....I was going to tell them where to find him!  LOL  Of course we wouldn't let Shad watch something like that so Steve watched it after we'd gone to bed....I think he was sorry he did so LOL!!!!!   (btw we have our tv set so only shows that are PG-13 or less can be seen without a code that no one knows - including ME!  At some point I knew the code, now it is gone forever LOL)

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