Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Girls

 Selah goes on a car ride to the new house to feed the dogs

the hand splints are on for a few hours at a time to keep her hand open.  

she sat so good, the seat reclines just a little but she did good holding her head up

DON'T worry we did NOT leave the strap like that on her, we were packing up the car and trying not to annoy her when this  picture was taken I don't need to get pointers on seat belt safety! I actually unstrapped her altogether as we were waiting as it seemed to bother her and didn't strap her in till everyone was ready to go! 

She is old and big enough to not ride in a car seat in Florida (by several years and several pounds)

doesn't she look good??
Later Sarah fell asleep in my arms.
it's been just about 3 years since we learned of her.....
it took her awhile before she'd fall asleep with me holding her, now I can't keep her off me LOL
but it never gets old!

we were laying in the bean bag
you can see how she snuggles in.....

Uh-ho she woke up!


So have you seen what the "wonderful" nurse I included in my last blog is doing?  She is so disrespectful I feel her nursing license should be revoked.  I clicked on a few different news organizations websites just to see what the comment sections was uniformly AGAINST her behavior.  I clicked on a conservative news source in the south and a liberal one in California and the comments ALL were running against her rebellious behavior.   I'm seeing on conservative news that she works for the CDC......and I was told that she has a lawyer connected with the Obama White House.....makes you wonder doesn't it???  What a mess we have in this country right one is in authority.....there is no common sense..... 

Even if this nurse does not carry Ebola, we need to have a plan in place that is across the board for anyone coming in from an affected area.  The risk is too high.  So what if we act very conservatively and no one gets Ebola.....  sure some will say we did "all that" for nothing but HEY if we can stop Ebola....let's do it!  We do a lot of things to PREVENT other things from happening.....

Personally I'm so tired of idiots.....

There are days when I want an anonymous blog where I can really say what I mean LOL!



  1. Love, love, love the pictures of Selah in the car. She is looking great!

  2. I dislike this new way to post...I comment on your post and then click on publish and it finally takes me to the Google thing and I have to start over again....That is the first thing I can say..
    Next, I wish we all could say what we really think without being anonymous...NO wonder people today are clueless on most things...
    Love from NC