Friday, October 17, 2014

Walls are UP!

The first walls are up!!!!
This morning the Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers from Florida Hospital Zephyrhills met to start the work on the house!
We were able to be there, along with all the kids.  We started with a word of prayer that Jon was asked to give, then Habitat's director shared a little history and the philosophy of HH...
then the work started!

Sarah didn't like getting ups so early! Neither did Selah!

About 2pm the work was finished for the day.  The room that will be our storage room had the walls up!  Here is the "after" picture!

(we are in the middle I've got on the Capri jeans) 

This past week there has been lots of rain and the main part of the house does not yet have its' foundation.  Work will start on that this week:)

We stayed out there for a little while, then took the kids home.  After I cooked and fed everyone a "brunch", Jon and I went back out to work.  Jon turned out to be a good nailer.  Me?  Not so good.  All two of my nails had to be taken out LOL.  It is harder than it looks! 

We got to meet and talk with the volunteers from Florida Hospital Zephyrhills.  It was great to get to know them.  Jon was just at a community workshop yesterday with some of them, he didn't know they'd be working on our house the next day!

Today was a FUN day~ so exciting to see the house being built.


  1. Congratulations, What a much needed Blessing (That you all have worked hard to achieve)!! I am anxious to see you all living there and being able to put the boys back in their real beds, get everyone settled again. So Happy for All of You! Thanks for sharing!