Sunday, November 30, 2014

All about Books

Books are your friends!   Who remembers that quote?  My absolute favorite thing to do is READ!  I can read for hours, read while I eat, read while everyone else watches tv, I've had way too many "reading hangovers" from staying up to finish a book when I ought to have gone to bed!  The only thing I can't do is read in a car-I will get terribly carsick!

My all time favorite author is Agatha Christie.  I have all her books, every last one of them.  Some are not in the best of shape so I'm in the process of replacing some of the paperbacks.  A new (to me) author is Rhys Bowen.  She has two main characters, one set in 1930'a England and one in 1900 New York.  I like Diana Mott Davidson too with her Goldy the cater, although her teenage son needs her to straighten him out LOL.  Joanne Fluke and her Cookie Cater is also good.   Blaze Clement who has a series about Dixie a pet sitter is great too, it's set on Siesta Key, one of my favorite places. There is also Mary Higgins Clark, her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark and Mary Jane Clark (no kin)/  And I confess to Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum books.    These are just a few of my favorite book series. 

The book "Winds of War" and its' follow up "War and Remembrance " by Herman Wouk are very good but LONG and deep.  There is also a movie based on the books.

My favorite classic book is "To Kill A Mockingbird"  by Harper Lee.  I can reread that book over and over.  Ms. Lee never wrote another book, I often wonder why she didn't but her one book is so good maybe nothing else would measure up. 

As a child I read voraciously, and would read anything put before me whether it was the Tallahassee Democrat or Reader's Digest.  I read the Bible through yearly.  I honestly can not remember NOT knowing how to read.  Don't ask me how I learned but I was reading the newspaper by the time I went to kindergarten.  I knew all about Vietnam and Nixon.  Believe me that is my only parlor trick-reading early LOL

During 3rd grade, I had to go through months of "patching" my lazy eye.  My aunts were too afraid of surgery to allow me to have my eye surgically repaired so I had to wear a patch for that year.  I can not see well enough with my left eye, the "bad" eye to read so it was hell for me.  My aunts had to read to me for hours, but it just wasn't the same for me.  I had a HORRIBLE teacher who spanked my hand with a ruler for not writing correctly with the patch on.  That was a trying year that really didn't do much for my eye and kept me from reading. 

My 5th grade teacher Mrs Musgrove read us the book "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" by E. L. Konigsburg.  I LOVED that book.  I've read it several times since, even as an adult.   Other children's books I liked was the whole "Little House on the Prairie" series and "Tom Sawyer"  One book I read was about a little girl whose family had a baby dropped off on their doorstep.  They named her Sally, which is what I named my pet pig....I've never been able to find that book again but it was so sweet and the illustrations were very pretty and unique.  Anyone know the name of that book?

When I go to the library, I usually get 10-20 books.  I always have done that and people always comment. But I read them, even the "boring" ones.  Better to have a boring book than no book!  Even autobiography's or biographies are interesting to me, especially if they share some juicy gossip.  Self help books do nothing for me tho!

I LOVE mysteries.  I prefer them with a bit of humor in them.  Generally speaking, I don't like male authors...sorry....but all too often I read more about the criminal mind than I want to know, too dark for me.  Had enough of that in classes as a probation officer.....    There are a few male writers like Jonathan Kellerman that I like in small doses.   I've read some Stephen King but can't do that too much either.

So a little confession, I try and get Large Print when I can and if not, I have a humongous magnifying glass that I use.  If I don't use it, everything goes blurry after awhile.  And NO I do not want any type of "e-book" that really tires my eyes out plus I read too fast, it annoys me having to have the words enlarged and then only having a short area to read before I have to move it again!!!  

My husband is a reader but he is so slow.  He tends to buy more books than I do and some he never finishes which drives me bonkers.  We recently gave away three huge boxes of books of his. Steve  and Shad do read but they like only the most current best sellers it seems.  I'm glad they do like to read but they prefer video games and movies to books-I can't understand that!!

One thing I don't read very much is anyone else's blogs!  I'm afraid I will try to imitate the writers.  Plus I do not like ADS!  Aren't you glad I don't put ads on my blog?  I've been contacted by several companies as well as some individuals to post ads on here and I resisted.  It was not a hard decision for me as much as I hate ads on other blogs.  I enjoy writing my blog and I don't want any interference. 

Here is the link for the FB page for this blog.  On days when I don't blog, I will usually do an update to the page.  You can like it and then see any updates.  Feel free to share it also.

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  1. This is me!!!!!! I've always said if I could get paid to read, it would be the perfect job! And my six year old daughter is just as much of a bookworm! I love it!!!